Tax Cuts Once Again 'Favor the Wealthy'

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Tax Cuts Once Again Favor the Wealthy
The media are back at the same talking points about tax cuts hurting the economy and helping only the top earners. BMI debunks their favorite tax myths.

For Love of Money
BMIs Amy Menefee explains how the medias suspicion of The Rich continues with Congress extension of tax cuts and what the media arent telling you.

G: ABCs Dan Harris looks at governments windfall in gas taxes
B: Incoming Today host perplexed by basic economics
U: ABC mislabels non-profit CSPI in a story on soda can labeling


Higher cigarette taxes mean more smuggling (Tax Foundation)

How Patrick Kennedys dangerous driving became Ambiens fault (Reason)

Bushs border buffoonery (Reason)

Ben Lieberman: Lift tariffs on foreign ethanol (Heritage)

How the food police made us sour on a common sweetener (TCSDaily)

Whither Russias Oil?
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Atlanta City Seminar Luncheon featuring John Stossel of ABCs 20/20
Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity
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