The housing slump is all the fault of “unscrupulous” lenders and brokers, while defaulted home borrowers were just “unsuspecting” victims – according to the September 10 “World News with Charles Gibson.” “[R]ecord numbers of housing foreclosures have economists worried that mortgage problems could lead to a recession,” Gibson said. “The foreclosures have put a spotlight on the practices of lenders and brokers who are in hundreds of thousand of cases, putting people in homes they can't afford.” As the word “recession” is cropping up more and more in the media, more stories are reporting extreme cases as typical of the... continue reading
Not even CBS anchor Katie Couric is sufficiently liberal to satisfy drama critic turned political commentator Frank Rich, who in his latest epic Sunday column accused the CBS anchor, who recently went to Iraq, of "drinking the...Kool-Aid" regarding Bush's optimistic pronouncements on the war. Following the lefty line, Rich also referred to two scholars from the left-of-center Brookings Institution as "Pentagon junketeers" for daring to suggest things are improving on the ground in Iraq. "What's surprising is not that this White House makes stuff up, but that even after all the journalistic embarrassments in the run-up to the war its... continue reading
As America headed into the weekend before the sixth anniversary of the horrific September 11 terrorist attacks, the latest purported video from Osama bin Laden reminded the country that the war on terrorism is still a real and persistent battle. But some people despise the whole war-on-terror concept. They believe that commemorating 9/11 is getting tired and dated and even psychologically harmful to the country. As hard (or as easy) as it may be to believe, The New York Times, situated just miles from Ground Zero in Manhattan, published a typically portentous Sunday article asking: “As 9/11 Draws Near, a... continue reading
You know commercials are controversial when they make the morning news programs. Add teens and sex into the equation and you might just choke on your coffee. On September 11, Good Morning America covered racy Clearasil and Carl's Jr. ads that target teens with highly sexualized and suggestive dialogue and images. Video: Windows Media | RealPlayer Audio: MP3 The Clearasil campaign currently drawing the ire of parents is entitled “May Cause Confidence.” The ads equate confidence with sex. In the first commercial featured in the GMA story, a teenage boy hits on a single mom who has apparently been left... continue reading
Newsweek’s Jonathan Darman must set a very high bar for what he deems radical. In the September 17 issue of Newsweek, Darman’s story, “How She Would Govern,” tried to give readers a glimpse of a Hillary Clinton presidency. The story compared the Hillary of old with the Hillary running for the Democratic nomination and used her health care plan as an example. Although the plan has yet to be unveiled, Newsweek apparently already has an idea of what it will entail. “Her health-care plan, which will be announced in the coming weeks, is expected to be bold, but hardly radical,”... continue reading
Lower-than-expected job numbers on September 7 have given the media an excuse to pile on and advance recession fears. “Stocks are on a roller coaster ride; the housing market in the dumps. And that has a few people worried about the ‘r’ word – recession,” said NBC “Today” anchor Meredith Vieira on September 10. Likewise, a headline in the September 10 USA Today read “ Job dips heighten fears of recession.” The Washington Post had a similar story in its September 7 issue, “ Unexpected Loss of Jobs Raises Risk of Recession.” And although everyone has known about the housing... continue reading
The morning he was to report to Congress on the results of the military surge in Iraq , General David Petraeus awoke to a barrage of major newspapers seeking to undermine him and the war effort. Monday's New York Times tipped the left's hand: “Some Democrats took issue with the characterization of General Petraeus as operating free of influence from the administration, suggesting that they would like to diminish his credibility heading into days of intense sparring over how much more time Mr. Bush's strategy for Iraq should be given.” UPDATE: purchased a now-infamous full page ad in Monday's... continue reading
The “vast wasteland” that is television just got a little vaster., the Internet's top-ranked entertainment news site, will cross over into the realm of broadcasting this evening. The new television show, TMZ, is scheduled to debut in a whopping 98 percent of U.S. markets. USA Today calls the “snarkiest arbiter of celebrity entertainment news” in a September 10 article. According to USA Today's writeup, has become a “guilty pleasure for celebrity gawkers” with “tongue-in-cheek humor over star tantrums, racy videos and illegal transgressions.” TMZ producers hope their formula will translate well into television. managing editor Harvey... continue reading
At least Fred Thompson's not as "doctrinaire" as Ronald Reagan. That's one message from Adam Nagourney and Jo Becker's front-page story Friday on the launch of the Thompson campaign, " For Thompson, Goal Is to Don Reagan Mantle - Actor Is Conservative, but Less Doctrinaire ." Political reporter Nagourney, as is his wont , made 18 references to "conservative," not including quoted material or the subhead, in the 1,100-word story. Here are the first five paragraphs: "Fred D. Thompson had one central strategic goal as he formally began his presidential campaign on Thursday : to win over conservatives who are... continue reading
Are realty foreclosures as bad as they are reported in the media? Not according to a spokesman from RealtyTrac, an Irvine, Calif.-based organization that tracks foreclosures. According to the firm, journalists sometimes misunderstand or misreport the company’s analysis. On August 24, the Business & Media Institute reported that different industry experts were skeptical of RealtyTrac’s foreclosure data provided. The media – including NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and the New York Times – often cite the firm’s data. Rick Sharga, vice president of marketing for RealtyTrac explained why there is confusion about the numbers. “The fact of the matter is we... continue reading