Apparently global warming is upsetting the fashion industry, because women’s magazine Marie Claire gave it the cold shoulder in its October issue. “Here’s to some global cooling so we get a chance to wear winter’s hot new coats,” cried the subhead of the “Chill Seekers” photo spread. Marie Claire turned a 14-page segment on ‘hot’ winter coats from Prada, Dior, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Miu Miu and other top designers into activism against climate change – at least the warm kind. The total cost of the clothing featured in those pages topped $41,000 and one Dior coat that cost $17,990. In... continue reading
After a summer of movie sequels, journalists are now pushing their latest, which could be called “Recession IV.” Over the last four years, “recession” has been mentioned in more than 100 stories since August 2003, when the Bush recovery started, delivering 47 months of positive job growth. Worries that “the housing slowdown could spark a full-blown recession” and “the risks of recession are rising in this country” have filled the news lately, but the media have been predicting this for years. On the September 8 “CBS Evening News,” Politico’s Mike Allen said this economy is different from 1992’s because “there’s... continue reading
Communist (and FBI informant) Dalton Trumbo, hero of the Red Scare. That's how Michael Cieply portrayed him inTuesday Arts section in " Voice From the Blacklist, Through Voices of Others ." "Sixty years after a Congressional panel grilled 10 uncooperative writers, directors and producers about their supposed Communist connections, Hollywood still quarrels over the heroes and villains of its Red Scare." Notice how the phrase "Red Scare" comes without quotation marks, as if that liberal term is the objective view. "The propriety of giving Elia Kazan - one who 'named names' - an honorary Oscar in 1999 remains a contentious... continue reading
Metro reporter Paul Vitello made the A-section Wednesday with his visit to Gen. David Petraeus's hometown of Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y. for " Worried Town Recalls a Young Petraeus ." "People here share an obvious affection for the local boy who went to nearby West Point and became the top commander of American troops in Iraq . But the affection only enhances the apprehension many say they also feel about the daunting, in some views impossible, task facing that commander, Gen. David H. Petraeus." It's a favorable profile of local boy makes good, but in a revealing sidelight, Vitello found it worth... continue reading
At the next presidential debate, some savvy reporter should ask each of the candidates the following question: “Imagine it is 1857 rather than 2007. The Supreme Court has just released its ruling in Dred Scott v. Sandford , upholding slavery. Would you support a federal constitutional amendment to prohibit slavery, or would you leave it to each of the states to decide whether white people can own black people?” How long would any “top-tier” candidate remain in the top tier if he or she responded with the same lame, “federalism–states rights” response they give to the marriage amendment question? Somebody... continue reading
Most global warming skeptics are accused of being bought-and-paid for by Big Oil, especially by pundits or the media. But that’s not the case for Bjørn Lomborg, author of “Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming.” Lomborg is not a global warming denier, but he says some global warming solutions are a waste of money. “I’m involved in something where we ask some of the world’s top economists who valued all the different proposals that are out there in the world on how we can help the world,” Lomborg said on the September 10 edition of NPR’s “Morning... continue reading
One day after knocking Giuliani's 9-11 leadership, reporter Marc Santora teamed with Dalia Sussman to focus on another purported weak point of Giuliani's candidacy - his support for abortion - in Tuesday's " Voters See Strengths and Flaws in Giuliani, Poll Finds ," based on the findings ofa recentNew York Times/CBS News poll. The Times twice reminded its readership that Giuliani supports abortion rights and pondered whether or not Republicans know it. "Nearly half of Republican primary voters in the poll did not know Mr. Giuliani's position on abortion - he supports abortion rights - suggesting that he could be... continue reading
Reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg gets in some mockery of President Bush in her Sunday "Reporters Notebook" on Bush's visit to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Sydney, Australia (" Bush Irks Australians, but They Can't Look Away "). "There was good news and bad news for Mr. Bush in his foray this week to the land down under. The good news is that Australians love Americans. The bad news is that they do not seem to love the American president." Stolberg indulged her liberal readers with Bush fulfilling some old stereotypes, and using them as a jumping-off point to show... continue reading
The Times is determined to minimize any political traction Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani gets for his leadership after 9-11. Marc Santora's Monday "Political Memo," " In Campaign Year, Invoking 9/11 Raises New Debates ," suggested Giuliani is misleading voters by breaking some kind of promise not to talk about his leadership as mayor of New York City after the September 11 terrorist attacks. "During a Republican presidential debate on Wednesday, Rudolph W. Giuliani asserted, 'The reality is that I'm not running on what I did on Sept. 11.' "Two days later, a crowd of nearly 1,000 filed into a... continue reading
Times writers and editors piled on Gen. David Petraeus, the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq,during the week before his testimony before Congress on the military situation there and the progress of the troop increase. Here's an excerpt from Sunday's lead editorial, " Hiding Behind the General ." "General Petraeus has his own credibility problems. He overstepped in 2004 when he published an op-ed article in The Washington Post six weeks before the election. The general - then in charge of training and equipping Iraq's security forces - rhapsodized about 'tangible progress' and how the Iraqi forces were 'developing steadily,'... continue reading