Obama's New Press Secretary - David Brooks? It's Not That Far-Fetched

Who will replace Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs? The Wall Street Journal's James Taranto caught an intriguing bit of speculation in Politico. One long-shot: David Brooks, the Times' idea of a conservative columnist.

Unlikely, but not implausible - David Brooks is one of the few columnists Obama is known to read with respect, making him a rare media figure the White House likes. Before he was president, Obama called the New York Times writer "one of my favorite conservatives."

Indeed, fellow columnist Gail Collins hailed Brooks in an nytimes.com online chat November 10 as the kind of "sane Republican" Obama could do business with:

This is why Barack Obama likes you so much. (Admit it, when you're around he ignores every other journalist in the room.) It's because he sees you as the kind of sane Republican he was planning to be bipartisan with.

To be fair, Obama won't like Brooks' Friday column on the looming threats to Obama-care.

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