Obama Wins on Health Care! "Speech Marks Turning Point in Debate"

Times reporter David Herszenhorn thinks Obama turned the health care debate around in his speech to Congress last night by debunking "wild accusations" about euthanasia. Here's the top of his Thursday morning "Prescriptions" blog post, modestly titled "Speech Marks TurningPoint in Debate."

President Obama's speech to Congress marked a clear turning-point in the health care debate, and Democrats in Congress will now try to capitalize on the momentum.

Politically, Mr. Obama maneuvered deftly to re-take control of the discourse after a rowdy August of town-hall protests and at times wild accusations like the charge, debunked yet again by the president on Wednesday night, that the health care legislation would encourage euthanasia of elderly Americans.

This isn't the first time a Times reporter went a little "wild" himself with Obama-care optimism.Back in June, Kevin Sack wrote:

In their heart of hearts, few in the Obama administration would have predicted late last year that they would be this well positioned by June to achieve a major victory on health care.

How did that work out? And will Herszenhorn's prediction fare any better?