NYT Claims Poll Finds America Has Affinity for Lefty OWS Protesters

'Almost half of the public' thinks the left-wing Occupy Wall Street movement accurately reflects the views of Americans, claims the Times in Wednesday's off-lead,
'New Poll Finds A Deep Distrust of Government – Anxiety Over Economy – Concentration of Wealth Seen as Key Issue in a Volatile Time.'

Jeff Zeleny and Megan Thee-Brenan played OWS approval high, in paragraph three.

With Election Day just over a year away, a deep sense of economic anxiety and doubt about the future hangs over the nation, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, with Americans' distrust of government at its highest level ever.

The combustible climate helps explain the volatility of the presidential race and has provided an opening for protest movements like Occupy Wall Street, to highlight grievances about banks, income inequality and a sense that the poor and middle class have been disenfranchised.

Almost half of the public thinks the sentiment at the root of the Occupy movement generally reflects the views of most Americans.

With nearly all Americans remaining fearful that the economy is stagnating or deteriorating further, two-thirds of the public said that wealth should be distributed more evenly in the country. Seven in 10 Americans think the policies of Congressional Republicans favor the rich. Two-thirds object to tax cuts for corporations and a similar number prefer increasing income taxes on millionaires.

While the Times didn't probe deeper into the alleged American affinity for the left-wing Wall Street sit-in (the poll itself reported that 53% of respondents were either undecided or had not heard enough to make a judgment), the paper has no hesitation to denigrate the Tea Party.

In April 2010 the Times polled Tea Party supporters and found them ideologically inconsistent and 'angry' (helped along by poll questions asking them if they were angry).