'Law & Order: SUV' Surprising Plot Twist

Very cool plot twists: Last night’s new episode of “Law & Order: SVU” saw a would-be rape victim actually turn out to be a criminal mastermind. Detective Amanda Rollins’ little sister, Kim, came up to New York from Georgia claiming to seek refuge from an abusive boyfriend. She also claimed to be pregnant. Her boyfriend followed her into town, learned where she was staying, and tried to rape her. Amanda showed up on the scene just in time to stop him, and when he pulled a gun, she shot him and killed him:

Which of those three people bears the responsibility for what happened? Everything seems clear cut on the surface, but as it often does, “Law & Order’s” counterintuitive criminal shatters surface-level assumptions, and that’s where the drama comes in. Usually the victim of a rape isn’t involved in orchestrating the assault (unless she’s a campus feminist trying to gin up outrage over her school’s supposed “rape culture”), but as the plot unravels, we find that Kim had taken out a life insurance policy on her boyfriend—and forged Amanda’s name on it without telling her. In other words, she wanted him to die and had plotted out the whole situation accordingly. 

It nearly got Amanda convicted for murder, but after one of Amanda’s partners catches Kim confessing her true intentions on tape, she flees, leaving nothing but an empty room and short note. This opens the door for a Part Two somewhere down the road.