Journalism Magazine Compares Murdoch to a 'Scorpion'

     You know the scorpion that killed the frog in that old fable? According to Columbia Journalism Review, that’s Rupert Murdoch.


     CJR, a magazine for “professional journalists published bimonthly by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism,” fired the latest shot in the mainstream media’s fight to stop the sale of The Wall Street Journal to News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch.


    “[Bancroft] family members sensibly fear that he [Murdoch] would misuse the paper’s journalistic power,” said an editorial in the July/August 2007 issue of CJR. “Murdoch’s answer is that to damage the credibility of the Journal would be to destroy it. Why would he do such a thing?”


     CJR said that Murdoch would play the scorpion to the Wall Street Journal and destroy its journalistic credibility because “it’s his nature.”


     Journalists in large part have come out against the Murdoch acquisition of Dow Jones & Company because of The Wall Street Journal. CJR’s editorial makes it clear journalists’ opinions on the matter are far from fair and balanced.