'Far Right' Criticizing Obama on Haiti

There was some "far"-out labeling bias at the top of Monday's "news analysis" by Helene Cooper and Mark Landler, "Experts Wonder About U.S. Role in Haiti After the Cameras Leave." The Times tried to stanch the criticism of Obama by sticking a radioactive ideological label on it:

President Obama's aggressive response to the deadly earthquake in Haiti has led to criticism from the far right that the United States is taking on too much, at a time when its foreign-policy plate is already full.

The Times later hinted at who the "far right" is - "conservative commentators" like Glenn Beck:

Some Haiti experts say that despite the criticism from conservative commentators - Glenn Beck complained that Mr. Obama spent more time reacting to the Haiti earthquake than he did to the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack - the heart-rending tragedy in Haiti may make it impossible for the United States to ignore it once the news media attention goes away.

You'd have been hard-pressed to find the Times highlighting Bush anti-war critics as hailing from "the far left."