Editorial Cheerleads for 'Inspiring' OWS, Dismisses Violence as 'Fringe'

A New York Times editorial Saturday, 'Occupying the National Debate,' continued the paper's promotion of the left-wing sit-in now stretching into its second month. Apparently the movement, such as it is, is spreading to Europe (as if the European left need inspiration to take to the streets), while dismissing protester violence in Oakland as not representative of the entire movement (a benefit of the doubt the Times never extended to the Tea Party).

The Occupy Wall Street protest continues to inspire demonstrators across the nation and beyond....As their numbers grow, the protesters seem to be increasingly welcomed, or at least tolerated, by their fellow citizens, many of whom share their despair at a fundamental lack of opportunity and their anger at Wall Street's fiascos, aided and abetted by politicians....Headlines lately have focused on two nights of sporadic violence in Oakland, Calif., marked by firebombs and police tear gas. But members of the main body of 7,000 peaceful protesters quickly apologized and denounced what even the Oakland police characterized as a minority of self-styled anarchists exploiting from the fringe.

The paper felt the need to correct Mayor Bloomberg's lack of respect for the protesters: 'Actually, Occupy Wall Street is not merely yelling and screaming. The movement's progress is heartening for all Americans suffering lost opportunity and clueless political leaders.'