'Conservatives' Battle 'Civil Libertarians' in the NYT's Long War on Balance

Two articles on Tuesday contrasted "civil libertarians" with "conservatives."

In Kevin Sack's story on opposition to Obama-care, "Florida Suit Rated Best As Challenge To Care Law," it's George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley who garnered the less ideological and more flattering label:

"There are few cases in the history of the court system that have a more significant assertion of authority by the government," said Mr. Turley, a civil libertarian who acknowledged being strange bedfellows with the conservative theorists behind the lawsuit. "This case, more than any other, may give the court sticker shock in terms of its impact on federalism."

Legal reporter Charlie Savage's Tuesday brief "Obama Said to Be Open to New Miranda Look" also avoided the L-word (liberal) in favor of "civil libertarian."

While it is virtually certain that the White House knew about and approved of Mr. Holder's policy proposal before he made it on Sunday, the remarks by Mr. Axelrod provided a stronger public link between the idea, which has drawn fire from civil libertarian groups, and Mr. Obama himself....Conservatives have long disliked the Miranda ruling, and its use in terrorism cases has been especially controversial because of worries that the warning might interrupt the flow of an interrogation, prompting a suspect to stop providing information that could disrupt a future attack.