CMI On TV -- "Glee's" Gun-Control Pitch

Last week’s episode of "Glee" took some heat for its gun-shot-lock-down incident. But the show was just doing its part to push for gun control. Halfway into the episode, gun shots go off during rehearsal. Immediately the cast goes into lockdown mode, locking the doors, spreading out, and taking to twitter and text messages via their phones.

No one is killed, but it makes for good drama, and after a few days of Capitol Hill-like security at school to find any student that might try to bring a gun back on campus, we find that the cause was merely one of the teachers whose gun had accidentally gone off on campus. Watch her confession:

So under her rationale, who’s the bad guy? Gun owners. She had a weapon on campus, which was against school code, but her justification stemmed from a basic need to adequately protect herself. It’s just like how all of those crazy “gun yahoos” afraid that Obama will take away their firearms are now armed to the teeth. Everyone’s doing it, she claims, so what harm was there, especially if she kept it out of sight and locked up in a safe? It makes sense, because in the real world, keeping a gun like that is perfectly safe—and not a half-bad idea (providing one isn’t breaking any rules, of course). 

Speaking of rules, though, here’s a novel idea that "Glee" never happens to consider: what if we eliminated the rules prohibiting responsible adults from carrying guns? That way, the next time there really is a school shooting, teachers and students aren’t all left cowering in the corners of their classrooms, terrified and utterly defenseless?