CMI On TV – Intriguing Plot on ABC

The latest episode of ABC’s “Body of Proof,” aptly named “Disappearing Act,” features an exciting twist. How do you prove a man faked his own death – when all you have is teeth implants and a leg bone?

Medical Examiner Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) can see these are not true dentures, however. Dental implants eventually fix themselves to your teeth, and would be well-fastened after 3 years. These are loose.

Only through a third party – a man closely connected to the perpetrator who also faked his own death – do they discover the truth, however.

In an excellent climax, Megan’s team comes on the thief, his face prepped for surgery.

“Hey doc, I don’t care what my coagulation panel says. We have to do this now!”

“You should care,” Megan says, busting him. “Your clogging factor’s low, you could hemorrhage. It’s not a good thing during surgery.”

“You look okay for a dead man.” Not only has the team found him and his death-faking consultant, they’ve also tracked down the money he plans to use as leverage.

This twist, great banter, and the thrill of the chase made this week’s “Body of Proof” thoroughly entertaining.