Arctic Ice Cap Grows Same Year Al Gore Predicted It Would Disappear

The same year that former Vice President Al Gore predicted that the Arctic sea ice could be completely gone, the ice has actually reached its highest point in two years. This revelation comes from a report by the Danish Meteorological Institute.

According to the report, which was cited by the British publication the Daily Mail, “[t]he Arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in a row.” The US National Snow and IceDataCenterconfirmed this data, but didn’t go into as much detail as the Danish Meteorological Institute.

All three networks ignored this development, despite promoting Al Gore’s environmental agenda. This is reflective of their long history of promoting Gore. For example, on Jan. 29, 2013, on NBC Today, host Matt Lauer asked Gore if he felt “vindicated” when he saw natural disasters. “After years of calling people’s attention to this issue, and now we’ve seen Superstorm Sandy and tornadoes and drought and extreme temperatures, do you feel vindicated?”

In his Dec. 10, 2007 Nobel Prize speech, Gore said “Last September 21, as the Northern Hemisphere tilted away from the sun, scientists reported with unprecedented distress that the North Polar ice cap is "falling off a cliff." One study estimated that it could be completely gone during summer in less than 22 years. Another new study, to be presented by U.S. Navy researchers later this week, warns it could happen in as little as 7 years.”

Meanwhile, the Antarctic Ice cap has been steadily increasing. However, climate alarmists dismiss this increase as actually being caused by warming temperatures.