Ann Coulter Talks to the "Treason Times"

Times editor Dave Itzkoff emailed conservative author Ann Coulter in anticipation of her debate with Bill Maher in Manhattan (which happened last night, with NYC liberals showing all the civility and class they are renowned for). Probably to the Times' regret, Coulter responded to the offer from the "Treason Times," andItzkoff posted the results on the paper's ArtsBeat blog Monday morning. Stand back:

Ever wondered what would happen if a hapless reporter from The New York Times attempted to interview Ann Coulter, the writer, columnist and conservative firebrand? Here's your answer.

Last week, we sent a few questions via e-mail to Ms. Coulter, the author of books like "Guilty: Liberal 'Victims' and Their Assault on America" and "If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans," for a story about her debate with Bill Maher at Radio City Music Hall on Monday.

Itzkoff: Many thanks, in advance, for taking these questions - let alone opening an email from the New York Times.

Coulter: I'll have you know, I am the Treason Times most loyal reader. I was hoping your email was a discount subscription offer.

After a few more knocks on Bill Maher's new talk show and the readers of the leftist blog DailyKos, the interview concluded:

Itzkoff: Do you consider yourself as speaking for the conservative movement, or just someone who has attracted many conservative fans? Something else?

Coulter: I think I speak for all Americans who think newspaper editors who print the details of top-secret anti-terrorist intelligence gathering programs on page one in wartime should be executed for treason.