Tell the Truth 2014

A free press exists so that citizens know the truth and can vote their conscience...

But, instead of being big government watchdogs, the liberal media are big government lap dogs. They wield their power to influence voters, not inform them.

Lies . . . Distortions . . . character assassinations . . . blatant censorship . . . these are the tactics that the liberal media used to sway public opinion (and steal!) elections. And they are trying it again this year. Just listen to what Mark Levin has to say:

We must stand together and REJECT the liberal media’s attempt to influence our electoral process:

•        We must call them out as they depict conservative and Tea Party candidates as “radical” and “extreme.”

•        We must document and publicize the media’s efforts to advance a radical leftist agenda instead of report the facts.

•        We must demand that the liberal media Tell the Truth! about the politicians who have run up trillions of dollars in debt by supporting disastrous policies like Obamacare.

The Media Research Center is calling on all truth-loving Americans to sign our petition demanding that the liberal media Tell the Truth when reporting the news. No more media blackouts, selective editing, or softball interviews!

The American people deserve better. We demand journalistic integrity and impartiality so that voters determine our electoral outcomes.

When you sign our petition, the MRC will send you a FREE copy of 12 Tactics the Media Will Use to (Try to) Manipulate YOU in 2014 - our advanced guide to identifying media bias in this election year.

If you believe in our electoral process and are fed up with the media’s manipulative tactics to sway the results, then stand with the MRC and demand that the leftist press Tell the Truth!