Tell Congress: Defund NPR & the entire Corporation for Public Broadcasting!

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In a nation with $1.5 Trillion deficits can we afford to fund a liberal media playground with your tax dollars?

The latest outrage? PBS is broadcasting a documentary pushing for taxpayer-funded socialized dental care.
Our tax dollars are being spent to lobby for even more spending and borrowing.
Our Business and Media Institute has the whole story here.

The Media Research Center is leading the fight to completely defund this ridiculous waste of borrowed money!

NPR is a rogue operation which must be eliminated once and for all. It wasn’t necessary, we can’t afford it, and it continues to violate its own ethical standards of non-partisanship.

- MRC Founder and President Brent Bozell

Please stand with us to end taxpayer funded liberal media outlets by following these 3 steps:

#1 Call Congress:


Tell your Reps and Senators:

  • Sign the letter to Defund NPR and CPB
  • We're running Trillion Dollar Deficits
  • There are thousands of options for news and entertainment - we don't need a taxpayer funded one
  • NPR's own head of fundraising was recorded on hidden camera saying they'd be better off without government money
  • They have a horrible liberal bias that runs through all of the programming
  • We shouldn't be borrowing money from China to pay for liberal news outlets


#2 Share online with your friends and family:



#3 Read and sign the letter:


Read Senator Demint's letter here
Read Rep. Lamborn's letter here