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The MRC Petition to the Liberal Media

Stop Censoring the News!
By adding my name below, I am standing with the MRC and demanding that the liberal media Stop Censoring the News! The American people deserve the truth, and I will not stand for this lack of integrity in "journalism" any longer.

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From the abortionist mass murder trial of Kermit Gosnell to "Fast and Furious" to Solyndra to Benghazi, the liberal media have suppressed news stories that would have brought down any conservative administration. Through blatant censorship and media blackouts, the liberal media refuse to report any news that may undermine their love affair with President Obama and his radical agenda.

It's time the American people mobilize against this brazen lack of integrity and blatant abuse of power by the national media.

The MRC is calling on all truth-loving Americans to sign this petition demanding that the liberal media stop their censorship of the news. Whether it's media blackouts, selective editing, or conducting softball interviews, the American people deserve better—you deserve the truth!

As a thank-you for signing this petition, the MRC will send you a free "Stop Censoring the News!" bumper sticker so that you can let everyone know you are wise to the media's censorship tactics.

The liberal media are ratcheting up their efforts to protect President Obama's hard left agenda, so don't wait another day to make your voice heard. Stand with the MRC and sign the petition today!