Stop Censoring the News!
As Heard on Mark Levin

After what happened in the November 6 elections, concerned Americans share a profound worry for the future of our great country. Not only are we facing a radical administration, we are also battling their corrupt media cohorts who, through character assassination, distortions, and censorship, give cover to liberals and their disastrous agenda.

As the president begins his second term, the liberal media will orchestrate an intricate censorship campaign designed to keep Americans in the dark about the Obama Administration’s plans to transform our free republic into a European-style welfare state—and they will demonize conservatives who dare stand in their way.

The MRC is the only organization that is equipped to expose the liberal media's censorship campaign and neutralize their influence on the critical policy battles ahead. But with your support right now, the Media Research Center will continue exposing, countering, and neutralizing these leftist media elites.