Are You Listening, Selena Roberts?

Plus a couple from Paul Krugman, and Whitewater bias in the Travel section.
Are You Listening, Selena Roberts?
"I went to Duke and have a son there, so maybe I was predisposed to hear the scream. But by now only those who get a delicious, angry jolt just from hearing the words 'white male privilege' are not feeling a bit ill." - Metro columnist Peter Applebome, April 15.

Ken Starr as Insane Roman Emperor?
"It's hard now to remember those shiny days before 9/11 when Congress seemed to believe that the greatest threat to the republic lay in an obscure land deal in northwestern Arkansas called Whitewater. Given all that has passed under the bridge, there's something quaint and nostalgic about so much froth and fury over something that in the end went nowhere, like a slightly gonzo Norman Rockwell cover showing democracy in action. These days, Ken Starr seems as distant a figure as Nero, but with springtime returning to the ancient Ozarks, it's the perfect time to visit Flippin, Ark., to see the appealing mountain landscape where Whitewater was born." - Travel section contributor Paul Schneider, April 20.

Monica Who?
"Each pseudoscandal got headlines, air time and finger-wagging from the talking heads. The eventual discovery in each case that there was no there there, if reported at all, received far less attention. The effect was to make an administration that was, in fact, pretty honest and well run - especially compared with its successor - seem mired in scandal." - Columnist Paul Krugman, April 9.

Scary Stuff Indeed
"But did you know that Rachel Paulose, the U.S. attorney in Minnesota - three of whose deputies recently stepped down, reportedly in protest over her management style - is, according to a local news report, in the habit of quoting Bible verses in the office?" - Columnist Paul Krugman, April 13.

. (She said her children were teasing her about Mr. Cheney's accusation of bad behavior.)" - Helene Cooper and Carl Hulse, April 7.

"Fall" of a City, not Dictator Saddam Hussein?
"Residents said that the angry, boisterous demonstration was the largest in Najaf, the heart of Shiite religious power, since the American-led invasion in 2003. It took place on the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad, and it was an obvious effort by Mr. Sadr to show the extent of his influence here in Iraq, even though he did not appear at the rally." - Edward Wong, April 10.

NYT Advice to McCain: Don't Mention the War

From the April 11 online edition of a story by Adam Nagourney on Sen. John McCain's speech to the Virginia Military Institute.

Anne Raver, writing in the House & Home section, April 19.