It’s “silly season” according to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. You know silly season. It’s the time when all of the ridiculous stuff the administration is doing gets revealed – no matter how little the media actually report any of it. For the president, the season is fall, when leaves and White House plans plummet to earth with equal abandon. In less than a week , three major Obama initiatives have fallen apart. And those three serve as the backdrop to Obama’s la test attempt to get health care reform back on track. But no matter what he says... continue reading
Dear Rev. Wright I started to write: “Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.” But you know better. Being president isn’t fun and games like I hoped. And I really don’t wish you were here. I could use a friend , but I need the Wright stuff like I need Arlen Specter. This summer I’ve got enough grief. It turns out the crowds that shout my name aren’t always saying nice things. That gets old fast. I should have guessed it wasn’t going to be a picnic when the chief justice couldn’t even get the oath right. That mistake... continue reading
Apparently a cell phone is now a right, and therefore must be guaranteed with an entitlement. As the TV commercials say: you probably qualify for a free cell phone and free minutes every month if you are on Medicaid or food stamps. The problem is it isn’t free. I would like to argue for a new kind of truth in advertising. In the world in which I live, advertising for business, there are strictly enforced truth-in-advertising laws. I’d like to see some mandated truth in the advertising and promotion of all government giveaway programs. To start with, the word “free”... continue reading
We need to get special interests out of politics. They spoil everything. For once President Barack Obama is right: special interests are messing up health care reform. “Every time we are in sight of health insurance reform, the special interests fight back with everything they’ve got,” Obama told us. You’ve seen that quote – or read something like it. Obama’s made some form of that claim on ABC, CBS and NBC at least a dozen times since he took office. Journalists have taken their lead from the president and restated it another 11 times. MSNBC has repeated the same claim... continue reading
Immediately following Obama’s coup at General Motors, and near-takeover of Chrysler as well, there was about two weeks of news coverage of the shocking number of dealerships summarily, and seemingly arbitrarily, put out of business. The demand for explanation of why and how one dealership was killed, another spared execution was ever so briefly loud, then quieted, then silenced. This front page story moved to the back pages and, in short order, to oblivion – and the questions it raised were never answered. Case in point: Ron Marhofer, the owner of Marhofer Chevrolet in the little burg of Stow ,... continue reading
It’s rare to find reason to praise Newsweek Magazine. But in the July 20 issue, they revealed a little something about the high cost of taking too much from the rich. Quote: “Trickle-down economics is a despised phrase and concept to many, but it also embodies a harsh reality.” (Note the word: reality .) Continuing: “The rich often play a pivotal role in U.S. economic growth, and if they are enfeebled, then the consequences are widespread.” The trouble with slowing the engine of the train is that the caboose slows down too; it doesn’t get anywhere faster. The problem with... continue reading
Count de Monet: “It is said that the people are revolting.” King Louis XVI: “You said it. They stink on ice.” – “History of the World: Part I” Out of the mouths of babes … and B-movie comedies come our words of wisdom. The people are indeed revolting. It makes sense. Americans have found their politicians revolting for decades. Now the tables are turned. Politicians don’t just find citizens revolting. They actually fear their constituents. Liberal congressmen and senators are avoiding their voters out of a sense of impending doom. Fears of angry town hallers were fanned by MSNBC hosts... continue reading
President Ozbama has gotten his hands on the largest political slush fund ever amassed in history. But unlike others’ slush funds, assembled surreptitiously in dark rooms, brought to a central point by quiet men ferrying satchels of cash, his has been made out in the open for us all to see – although the media haven’t called it what it is. It should be noted that what the president’s up to is perfectly natural to him. Just about the only item on his leaf thin resume is cutting his teeth in Chicago politics as a community organizer. In that environment,... continue reading
For eight years in America, protest was in and all the cool kids did it. We had flamboyantly dressed Code Pinkers demonstrating at conventions and in sessions of Congress, calling Marine recruiters “traitors” and protesting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Then there were the crazies from Acorn stalking Wall Street executives at their homes. And anti-war lefty Cindy Sheehan got so much news coverage from the major networks and top newspapers that they practically had to create a bureau to handle her antics. Through it all, the left whined that President George Bush was a fascist –... continue reading
So Democrats don’t like all those ads for prescription drugs on T.V. – the ones for high cholesterol, enlarged prostates, dry eyes and, yes, ED. On C-Span recently, House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman, D., Calif. , said “a lot of people start thinking they have medical problems because they’ve seen too many of these commercials. I don’t think that’s doing the public a lot of good. It’s certainly making the drug companies richer, but it’s not doing a lot of good for the public.” That statement tells us an awful lot about Waxman, President Obama and the... continue reading