The illegally striking union workers of Wisconsin and other states, along with the pundits siding with them, are making much of the fact that they negotiated and hold contracts specifying their benefits. They are contracts giving them expansive collective bargaining rights that facilitate the blackmail of local, county and state governments into agreeing to unsustainable financial commitments. Those commitments are great deals for the unions: they get health insurance without paying a sliver of its cost and pensions without contributing a penny. We in the private sector pay for it, even as we pay for ours as well . In... continue reading
Liberals hate government. Huh? Sure seems like it. Across America from Washington to Wisconsin, the left is threatening to shut down the seats of power and blame it on conservatives somehow. In Wisconsin and Indiana , legislators nicknamed "fleebaggers" have fled their responsibilities to democracy to hide from tough budget battles. In the nation's capital, they are gearing up to shut down government over a few billion in cuts. Meanwhile the president wants a budget that adds $7.2 trillion more to the national debt. All he needs is a stringed instrument and we could call him Nero. And the media... continue reading
Only a week after the president's state of the union speech, which included much about re-invigorating American innovation (spurred of course by massive government investment) The Washington Post reported that America's 3 rd largest maker of solar panels is eliminating 800 jobs here and re-locating its factory to China. Now, there are spurts of innovation that are likely only accomplished with the government leading and funding the parade; the space program comes to mind. But these should be few and far between, not the intended foundation of the entire economy. The Obama Idea that everything emanates from and requires the... continue reading
Politicians will promise just about anything to get elected. They might offer a chicken in every pot or even vow to end wars in places like Iraq or Afghanistan. That's just marketing. But once they get elected, we expect them to be honest. Or at least we used to. Not any longer. Not since the $787 billion stimulus bill passed in 2010. Now, two years after it was signed into law on Feb. 17, it's easy to see why we've given up on political honesty. As Rep. Joe Wilson said to President Obama: "You lie." He wasn't kidding. The whole... continue reading
Arianna Huffington's crazy left-wing, pro-Democrat website gets bought out by AOL for $315 million. Professional Angry Man Keith Olbermann follows up by joining Al Gore's deservedly unknown Current TV effort. Before that, decrepit Newsweek was absorbed by one of the lesser liberal lights of the blogosphere - Tina Brown's Daily Beast. To journalists desperate for a direction - any direction - turning left seems an easy way to go. Forget MSNBC's brief propaganda attempt to "lean forward." That is going nowhere. Old-style, supposedly neutral journalism is collapsing. Out of the rubble, we are seeing more and more journalists declare themselves... continue reading
President Obama gave two recent speeches to business groups and sat for an interview that included questions about his relationship with the U.S. business community. What he said in those instances again demonstrated his rare combination of ignorance and arrogance; lecturing the private sector about how, in exchange for the government creating a favorable business environment, businesses must honor their obligations to create jobs and invest here in the United States. Key word: obligation . Will no one explain to him that we are not serfs of his government; that his government is obligated to work for us? If there... continue reading
Snow! Ice! Cold! They sweep the land in what media types call "wild weather" or a storm so bad it could "bury" the Midwest and New England. In winter no less. Shocking! Sounds more like a SyFy Channel triple feature than an actual crisis. But The Fort Worth Star-Telegram even warned of a "worst-case weather scenario" that might complicate Super Bowl travel. Snow in February? Must be a conspiracy. Groundhog Day is this week, so let's blame winter on Punxsutawney Phil, who didn't see his shadow, but is nevertheless powerless to prevent another six weeks of media stupidity. Maybe it's... continue reading
The New York Times recently quoted Mayor Don Plusquelic of Akron, Ohio, in an article about city mayors contemplating and threatening bankruptcy as the only way out of their monster deficits - save, of course, an Obama bail-out. "Let me go back to the world I lived in two or three years ago, where people would come in and say, hey, we need this new park or this new recreation facility and I could say 'OK, we'll do that'," Plusquelic said in the Jan. 22 article. Perhaps if he and other mayors, governors and state legislators, Congress and presidents had... continue reading
She is the Queen of All Media, a woman so successful she has her own TV show, her own magazine, $2.7 billion in the bank, a book club that can make any author a best seller and now her own TV network. And, conveniently, she also has a 'secret' she had to share with 6.7 billion close friends - just in time to promote her fledgling cable channel. Oprah's secret was the sudden revealing of a long-lost half sister - truly a touching moment in anyone's life. But, in this case, it was a moment more touched by ratings than... continue reading
California has: endless beaches, Hollywood and the TV and movie industry, Disney, tourism, at least one military base that pops to mind, luxury retail, full to capacity rehab facilities popular with celebrities, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. The Golden State boasts every conceivable advantage for prosperity. And it is beyond broke. In the private sector, the kind of incompetent and irresponsible management required to bankrupt ten times over an entity with this many assets would be unimaginable. I can't think of a corporate analogy … GM, maybe. But no other. Billions of dollars have been poured into Haiti... continue reading