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There are only two episodes left in the summer series “Under the Dome,” but Sheriff Linda has yet to figure out that a badge doesn’t mean much in a lawless anarchy. When she has to respond to a call that Julia has been shot (!!!) and is in critical condition, she finds out her gas tank has been siphoned and she has to borrow a car. Who shot Julia? Well, Big Jim would have them believe it’s Barbie, because Barbie is the only one who understands that Big Jim is taking every step to make sure that he becomes dictator... continue reading
NBC left no line uncrossed in this week’s episode of “Camp.” The writers introduced a completely non-relevant side storyline that involved Robbie meeting a French couple looking for a waterfall. When they get to the waterfall, they spend the night, take hallucinogenic drugs, and have an implied threesome. It’s shown to be a good thing that helps Robbie move on from his recent break-up with Sarah. Throughout the series, NBC has messaged to the targeted teenage audience that homosexual marriage is good and will prevail eventually, (hard) drugs happen and have no repercussions, underage drinking is fun, sex is constant,... continue reading
Ready or not, here it comes: the TV fixation with sexual infidelity. The upcoming shows this fall more than confirm a lust for forbidden love on the screen – or so says The Hollywood Reporter. The Hollywood Reporter (THR) revealed the trend in a recent article by citing shows such as Showtime’s “The Affair” and HBO’s “Open.” THR’s Lesley Goldberg highlighted the fascination, noting, “Forbidden love seems to be in the air at television networks as infidelity has become the latest theme to sweep development executives off their feet.” Showtime’s “The Affair” proves the point only too well. Starring actors... continue reading
If you'll recall, last week instead of focusing on this season of Suits ' plot, I blathered on about cats. I'm not sorry. Cats rule. #noapologies. Of course, not even I thought that my ( excessive? ) focus on cats last week would actually be important to this week's episode. But sure enough, last week's cat trial generated this week's secondary plot, Harold suing Louis. That's what you call vindication, boys and girls. But the complete and utter vindication of my excessive focus on cats last week is not the point. Rather, the point is I was out with a... continue reading
...another door opens upon a sordid affair. Or at least that's the implication I drew from this week's installment of Trashy Nighttime Soap Opera. This week , the hot and steamy affair between Joss and her French boss ended when the boss revealed he is moving back to France. Tant pis. But fortunately for our affair obsessed society, Mistresses 's writers have provided us with another affair by having April make out with her formerly dead ex-husband. But lest you think I can only heap condemnation upon this trashy nighttime soap opera, let me point out a few positives from... continue reading
After being treated like he had a scarlet letter on his chest by the whole town, Danny Desai finally gets expelled from school in the latest episode of “Twisted.” Too many rumors and suspicions have gone around the school to allow him to stay any longer. Although he has some lapses in judgment, his true character shines through when he continues to let himself be the object of disgust in the social circles of the school, as he works out a plan to redeem Lacey’s reputation with her friends. Meanwhile, Jo is having an internal battle of whether or not... continue reading
A newcomer to Chester ’s Mill, Maxine, has stirred things up. She seems to be the only person on this show who understands that their world has changed and actually lives her life that way. When she sets up a new black-market enterprise (which was inevitable) and attempts to blackmail Big Jim and Barbie, she sets herself on the road to power. How Big Jim and Barbie choose to handle that situation, though, shows their differences in character. Meanwhile, Angie discovers the fourth person to help unlock the mini-dome. But what happens when they all touch the dome leads to... continue reading
It’s Parents’ Weekend in Episode in Episode Six of “Camp”, and all of the rambunctious Counselors in Training have to deal with their parents coming to visit. As one fed-up visiting mother puts it: “this is a sex camp!” It seems like maybe ABC has come to recognize that’s all they have to go off of, but they’re not doing much to rectify it. Kip’s dad automatically assumes he’s having sex with his “girlfriend” after meeting her, and Sara is still sleeping with the writer from Camp Ridgeway . It seems like the only rectifying ABC does is clarifying that... continue reading
If there’s any remaining doubt about GLAAD’s tv agenda , the latest episode of “Camp” will put those doubts to rest. This episode centered entirely around gay marriage becoming legal in the unnamed state that Camp Little Otter is located in. With a threat of repeal, gay couples everywhere rush to get married, including the camp gay couple, Todd and Raffi. The overarching views on marriage, much less traditional marriage, are espoused when Mack reminds them that “It’s just a formality; you guys are already so committed. It’s just about making it official. Plus there’s over 30 legal rights and... continue reading
Well, the way I see it, this episode of Suits boils down to two distinct themes: good ol' fashion lawyering, and cats. This being the internet, I shall focus solely on cats rather than the season's main story line. The moral of this story, kids, is cats rule the internet. Do not rebel. First, a confession: like Louis and Nesbit, I am a cat man. (Not to be confused with Anne Hathaway who was a delightful Catwoman.) The day that I had to leave my stray, orange tabby at home and head off to college was quite sad. All that... continue reading