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I've met with the Executive Validation on Accepting New 'Stuff Committee (EVAN'S Committee), and we are pleased to announce a new gimmick for your reading pleasure. If you're at all familiar with the virtues of hockey (and most of you uncultured American swine probably aren't), then this system should make sense. If not, hold on to your zambonis, boys and girls. In hockey, the three best players are given stars for their performance. First star for the best, second for the second best, and third star for the third best. Complicated stuff. Basically, I'm gonna rip that off with elan... continue reading
The fall season of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD was headed towards anything but a marvelous ending as cheesy lines (Ward's standing-behind-me doozy), illogical decisions (SHIELD failing to send in more backup than just Mike Peterson), and odd character behavior (Can anyone figure May out? bipolar? schizophrenic? menopause?) threatened to turn this episode into a chore to slog through. I won't say the last 10 minutes made up for the first 50, but at least the twist was compelling. With how predictable and poor the writing has been with this show, I was certain that the traditional one family member for... continue reading
What a night! Not one, but two fairly important thorns in Emily's plot reveal themselves AND a positive message??? Sacre bleu ! Bravo to Daniel for trying to do the right thing and marrying the girl he thinks is pregnant with his child. Him telling Sarah that he can't leave his pregnant fiancée for her because he didn't want his kid to grow up in a broken home was downright uplifting. Can a kid turn out alright from a broken home? Sure, but as one who's had significant years on both sides of the fence I can tell you that... continue reading
Question: Daddy issues, playground crushes, and young adults growing up. What do these themes have in common? (Hint: if you can't answer the question and don't realize you're reading a blog about Modern Family , you probably need to wipe the powder off and take a long, hard look in the mirror.) Answer: Modern Family themes I won't be focusing on in this post. Sure daddy issues, playground crushes and growing up are important topics, but I'm a sports dude. I live and breathe sports. It's an addiction. So any chance I have to jump on a sports topic, I'm... continue reading
Well, boys and girls, I should have known better. You know what they say; don't count your chickens before they've hatched . And what did I do? I counted them. I counted every dang one of 'em. Read my chicken counting yourself. Embarrassing. Was the fall finale of The Blacklist awful? No. But was it as good as I had hoped (and unfortunately expected)? No. There were certainly moments of brilliance for sure. The elegantly drawn out torture of Red stands out as one example. The slow meandering explanation of the serum Anslo gave Red was simply wonderful. Sadly, those... continue reading
1. WTF?!? Literally. Where did that opening scene come from? May and Ward? What the act of sex? Did I miss some chemistry between them in previous episodes? What? The only theory I can muster is that ABC thought sex would boost the ratings. Was this desperation? Were SHIELD writers' just flinging poop at a wall to see what would stick? This made no sense. I'm still wondering wtf... 2. Interesting... Well, we finally learned a bit about May, and I do mean more than her choice of sexual partner. May's penchant for silence and violence were explained by revealing... continue reading
I'm convinced that, as a creative exercise before beginning work on this show, the writers lined up two dozen sharks and then waterskied over all of them. This week's "big reveal" is a doozie. Hope you're sitting down for this one: Duncan's wife is the president's daughter ! The president raped her mom!! Duncan is in on the assassination plot because he needs the president's bone marrow to save his wife! It's the only way! Or maybe, perhaps, there's Duncan's wife's mom, who Ellen finds after exactly two seconds of searching. I get it: the writers want to humanize Duncan,... continue reading
So yesterday, on How I Met Your Mother , A feat was achieved like almost no other. They pulled it off with such dazzling élan. A rhyming, rollicking episode they put on. A series of stories that Marshall did spin. Told on the bus to his son Marvin. Those stories in all, they were but three. Stories of Ted, Robin, and Barney. First there was Ted and the cute professor. Sadly for him, Barney had already met her. Ted had wondered if their dinner was a date, But Barney already had been her mate. Next there was Robin and the... continue reading
What a relief. After a few weeks in a slump, it was as if the writers who had once stood at the helm of their boat with only the vast sea surrounding them, recalled that past magnificence. Slumps happen to every show, and The Blacklist was no exception. Red's singular brilliance could only carry the show so far. The writing became predictable, and the plot lines lacked real drama. Was it Obamacare bad? No. But The Blacklist had slipped from the summit of its splendor. In this episode, however, we witnessed a return to the thundering power of horses racing... continue reading
Some comments for the production team behind this week's episode: 1. Good on you for landing Carol Burnett! She turned in a solid performance as the McGarrett's aunt that shows she's still got it. Funny, touching, and still with a lovely voice, she was a good addition to a Five-0 that's been needing something different lately. 2. Bad on you for using her to slip in a plug for marijuana legalization! You almost had me when she couldn't get her medicinal pot so she had to go out and buy some on the street and get arrested. That was clever,... continue reading