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Qur'an Burning Threat Leads Network News to Discover Wisdom of Palin and Pope

TV journalists have decided Sarah Palin, the Pope ' and even Pat Robertson ' are now sources of wisdom. Katie Couric teased: "Despite condemnation from the Vatican...that Christian minister in ...

CNN Continues One-Sided Reporting on 'Islamophobia' in America

On Thursday's American Morning, CNN's Deborah Feyerick continued her network's promotion of the charge the "Islamophobia" is growing in the U.S. All but one of Feyerick's sound bites during her ...

Times Again Blames Cab Driver Stabbing on Protesters Against Ground Zero Mosque

A Muslim cab driver is stabbed by a volunteer for a pro-mosque interfaith group, so the Times editorial page naturally blames the anti-mosque mob: "Already New Yorkers have seen a troubled young ...

Joe Klein & Matthews Link Anti-Muslim 'Attitude' to 'Deranged Muslim' Violence, Small-Town Whites Miss 'Ethnic Purity' of Past

On Sunday's syndicated Chris Matthews show, during a discussion of a poll reporting that a majority of self-described Republicans expressed a negative view of Islam, as Time magazine's Joe Klein ...

Olbermann Ties Stabbing to Ground Zero Mosque Opposition, GOP Strategy is 'Hate'

On Thursday's Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann tied together Republican opposition to same-sex marriage, the Ground Zero mosque, and illegal immigration, as he charged that "the ...

MSNBC Suggests Palin & Bachmann Encouraged Shooting Minorities, Ignores Obama's 'We Bring a Gun' to Fight GOP

On Thursday's The Ed Show on MSNBC, substitute host Cenk Uygur blamed conservative opposition to the Ground Zero mosque for violence against Muslims, and tagged the GOP the "party of hate." He ...

WaPo Frets 'Hostility' Could Radicalize Young Muslims

One-sided article worries how college students react to over-blown backlash.

Khan Job: GZ Mosque Organizer Said in 2006 1st Amendment Shouldn't Include 'Right to Offend'

Daisy Khan's position today conflicts with her words from past.

Times Holds 'Fringe' Florida Preacher Responsible for Hypothetical Islamic Terrorist Attack

Reporter Damien Cave finds someone besides the terrorists to blame for a hypothetical act of future Islamic terrorism: "An Islamic group in England has also incorporated his efforts into a YouTube ...

NY Times Frank Rich: Fox News Trying to Portray Obama as a 'Closet Terrorist'

Columnist claims concerted effort at work to depict President as 'a practitioner of Islam' to score political points.
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