ABCs Kofman Blows Past Skeptical Scientists in Hurricane Season Story Reporter left out detractors of global warming link, misrepresented another scientists views. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 23, 2006 ABCs Jeffrey Kofman picked up on the governments 2006 hurricane season forecast to suggest a link between devastating hurricanes and global warming. Yet scientists are far less certain on the science than Kofman suggested, including the meteorologist Kofman included in his report. Some scientists believe that global warming is the reason we are seeing more powerful hurricanes each year. So powerful that they are now considering adding a... continue reading
CNNs Serwer Dismisses Study Finding No Price Gouging ABC and NBC briefly reported the story without commentary. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 23, 2006 A federal investigation released to the public on May 22 found no systemic price gouging in gasoline prices following Hurricane Katrina. Of the three broadcast news networks, CBS ignored the issue in its May 22 evening newscast. The following morning, CNNs Andy Serwer reported the news with derision for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) findings. The government found only a smattering of price gouging when it comes to gasoline after Hurricane Katrina, which... continue reading
Parade on the March Again, Downbeat on Economy Magazine leaves out strong economy, Bernankes forecast of soft landing in housing. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 22, 2006 Nationally syndicated Parade magazine once again marched to Sunday newspaper readers doorsteps sounding sour notes on the American economy. Weeks after envisioning the American Dream slipping out of reach for most Americans, the magazine ran a pessimistic report on housing values warning that nearly 80% of Americans think the economy will continue as is or worsen in the coming year. But Parade writer Earl Swift didnt tell readers how well... continue reading
Morning Shows Ignore Vote to Keep Ban on Offshore Oil Drilling The same media outlets covered the anti-business push to investigate and punish price gouging. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 19, 2006 This spring, broadcast media outlets have complained of rising energy prices, including record oil and gas prices that are inflicting pain at the pump. The networks reporting raised the specter of price gouging and reported calls for investigations of gas pricing. Yet on May 19, the morning after the House of Representatives rejected a proposal that might increase U.S. oil supply and lower prices, the... continue reading
CNNs Dobbs Continues to Ignore Growth in Auto Industry Anchor blames free trade for foreign dominance, but doesnt point to the job creation that results. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 18, 2006 Japanese automaker Honda recently announced that it plans to open another auto plant in the Midwest that will create 1,500 jobs. The announcement is the latest among international car companies expanding manufacturing operations on American soil. But the good news escaped the notice of the nightly business program Lou Dobbs Tonight, which has been warning about the alleged decline in the U.S. auto industry. Dobbs... continue reading
ABC sees student loan crisis, ignores hot job market NBC and USA Today report best market in four years for college graduates. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 17, 2006 ABC News is giving the class of 2006 a graduation gift this year: nightmares about the student loan crisis. Both networks ignored a story NBC and USA Today picked up that shows the good news a strong job market for graduates. Student debt is at an all-time high. Last year's graduates owed more than $17,000 on average, for a bachelor's degree, ABCs Gigi Stone complained on the May... continue reading
Tax Cuts Once Again Favor the Wealthy Networks fixate on tax cuts for the rich while ignoring exploding tax revenues. By Noel Sheppard Business & Media Institute May 17, 2006 While Congress hammered out a $70 billion tax-relief bill last week, the media wasted no time spinning it. After the House approved its version on May 10, the NBC Nightly News cited Democratic critics [who said] the overall bill is heavily tilted in favor of the very wealthy. At roughly the same time, the CBS Evening News presented a graphic to its viewers showing for incomes of $50,000 or less,... continue reading
United Nations Reports Success in Containing Bird Flu in East Asia News comes days after alarmist ABC movie capitalized on fears of a global pandemic. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 15, 2006 Bird flu, fodder for a Chicken Little disaster movie on ABC last week, is not ruffling feathers at the United Nations as areas previously hit hard have contained the virus. In Thailand and Vietnam weve had the most fabulous success stories, U.N. pandemic flu coordinator Dr. David Nabarro was quoted in the May 14 New York Times. Vietnam has not seen a single case in... continue reading
It comes naturally to the media to leave out the liberal label when presenting an advocacy group in its consumer stories. Thats what ABC reporters did with a May 11 World News Tonight story on a lawsuit against the makers of a popular soda about soft drink labels. Today a non-profit group threatened to sue the makers of 7-Up for promoting the soda as 100 percent natural, anchor Elizabeth Vargas noted, introducing reporter Lisa Starks story. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) says the 7-Up campaign is misleading, they want these ads changed, Stark began, narrating over... continue reading
Big Government is raking in big bucks from higher gasoline prices, ABCs Dan Harris reported on the May 11 World News Tonight. Everyone knows Saudi Arabia and ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) are profiting from high gas prices, but many drivers we spoke to yesterday were surprised to learn how much state and local governments were making as well, Harris opened his report. Ten states also have a sales tax on gasoline, between one and seven percent a gallon, Harris continued, noting that every time gas prices go up, so do tax revenues. As with stories which have featured motorists angry at... continue reading