CNNs Kitty Pilgrim Slams Economy Dobbs reporter takes Treasury secretary nomination as chance to rehash attacks on Bush economy, ignore strong economic growth. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 31, 2006 President Bushs pick of Henry Paulson to as new Treasury secretary gave Lou Dobbs Tonight another opportunity to mint a biased report on President Bushs economic policies. Leading off her story on Paulsons nomination on the May 30 program, correspondent Kitty Pilgrim derisively asked what competitive edge America has in global trade given 30 years of consecutive trade deficits. She followed it with a one-two punch from... continue reading
Gas prices havent stopped Americans from driving, but the media are more interested in those seeking solutions to moooving without gasoline. ABCs Claire Shipman covered a team of Western Washington University students who created a car powered by gas from cow manure. Not gasoline, mind you gas. On the May 29 Good Morning America, Kate Snow reported on the manure magic that takes methane from the cow product, eventually pumping it into the specially-designed car. But at just 15 miles per cow (per day), Snow noted there arent enough cows in the U.S. to power every vehicle. Meanwhile, The New... continue reading
Washington Post Magazine Scoffs at Global Warming Skeptics Rival paper Washington Times, meanwhile, presents views on both sides of vigorous debate on warming and hurricane strength. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 30, 2006 Days before the 2006 hurricane season begins, The Washington Times noted that scientists are hotly debating the impact, if any, that global warming has on the strength of tropical cyclones. Unlike the Times, however, Joel Achenbach presented a dismissive look at scientists skeptical of the global warming link in his May 28 Washington Post magazine article. This isnt a theory anymore. This is happening... continue reading
NBC Pumps Up Housing Bubble with Extreme Example Network spotlights problems of couple paying $2,000 a month for a $129,000 house and reporter doesnt find that strange. By Rachel Waters Business & Media Institute May 26, 2006 Theres no place like home for media spin. The May 25 NBC Nightly News showed how far the networks will go to inflate their image of a housing bubble even dwelling on a family paying outlandish mortgage payments at rates far higher than the national average. I am sad, angry, and confused, complained Bridget Edwards about the rapidly rising mortgage on her $129,000... continue reading
NY Times Sounds Downbeat on Upbeat Economy Reporter Peters downplays strong GDP revision and hunts for signs of slowdown. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 25, 2006 The New York Times saw signs of a slowing economy in a May 25 Business section report. Just hours later, however, the government revised its report for economic growth upward to 5.3 percent. A cooling in new-home sales and durable goods orders, were seen as pointing to a softening economy, Times reporter Jeremy Peters opened his article. While he noted that investors attention would turn to the revised GDP figure for... continue reading
A Government Land Grab the Media Can Love ABC News casts Wal-Mart as Goliath when town tries to seize its land, but Kelo ruling works against little guys, too. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 25, 2006 ABCs World News Tonight presented a small California citys efforts to seize privately-owned property as a David versus Goliath struggle with the city in the role of David. Yet nowhere in its reporting did ABC raise questions about governments abuse of power -- or the fact that the Wal-Mart whose land was being grabbed was just like any individual city resident... continue reading
Ill See Your Price and Raise You a Quarter Networks fret over high gas costs, yet still depict prices higher than they are. By Rachel Waters and R. Warren Anderson Business & Media Institute May 25, 2006 Tonight gasoline prices are starting a run upward, and in a big way, said Nightly News anchor, Brian Williams, on April 11. And he wasnt just talking about the prices we pay at the pump. Pictures of gas station prices on NBC averaged 36 cents higher than the national average between March 21 and May 24. For the typical American driver with a... continue reading
CNN Continues to Dismiss FTC Report on Price Gouging Anchor bemoans results but weeks earlier called for higher gas prices with gas tax hikes. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 24, 2006 On the May 24 American Morning, CNNs Miles OBrien dismissed a new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) study that found no systemic price gouging by the oil industry. Yet the same reporter recently suggested raising gas taxes. The results are in from a price gouging investigation, and theres not a lot of good news for the little guy in this one, OBrien teased at the opening of... continue reading
Networks Silence on Corrupt Fannie Mae Continues Only CBS reported $400M Fannie Mae fine, while Clinton administration connections of top corporate officers were omitted. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute May 24, 2006 On May 23, the federal government slapped a $400 million fine on Fannie Mae (NYSE: FNM), a mortgage brokerage led by Clinton administration alumni who cooked the books to boost their pay. Of the evening newscasts, only CBS covered the latest development in the companys accounting scandals, but without any reference to its executives Democratic ties. When Franklin Raines strode into Fannie Maes corporate board room... continue reading
Media ♥ Al Gore Network lovefest surrounds Gores global warming movie and book, as he gets reporters to dance to his tune. By Dan Gainor and Amy Menefee Business & Media Institute May 24, 2006 John Lennon once wrote that All you need is love. If thats the case, former presidential candidate Al Gore is a happy man. He is in the middle of a media lovefest celebrating his work, his career even his efforts as actor, author, dancer and comedian. The former vice president has both a movie and a book about global warming debuting today under the title... continue reading