James McKinley's 'News' Story on Texas Budget Cuts: 'It Was Not a Pretty Picture'

James McKinley Jr.'s "reporting" on the cost-cutting Texas budget sounded a lot like liberal opinion: "It is hard to overstate the budget-cutting furor that has gripped lawmakers in this capital, ...

David Leonhardt's Simple Budgetary Solutions: Ration Health Care, Raise Taxes

The paper's chief economics writer again called for health-care rationing and higher taxes: "Next, the federal government would raise taxes. As countries have grown richer over time, they have ...

Networks Stand with Wisconsin Unions, Ignore $1-3 Trillion Pension Deficit for Five Days

On sixth night of protest coverage, ABC finally notes government pensions underfunded by at least $1,000 billion.

James McKinley Again Calls for Tax Hikes in Texas

Houston bureau chief James McKinley: "Democrats said Mr. Perry and Republican legislative leaders, who have big majorities in both houses, are ignoring reality to curry favor with Tea Party ...

CNNMoney Misrepresents Rep. Mike Pence's Opposition to Tax Cut Deal

Senior writer claims tax cut deal is 'costliest stimulus, weakest payoff,' cites Congressman in liberal attack on tax cuts.

'Explosive' Debt Commission Recommendations Include $961 billion Tax Hikes

But only one of three evening news broadcasts report aggregate tax increase.

Ron Paul Rips Paul Krugman: I Pray Every Night his Views -- Just Disappear

Outspoken libertarian Texas congressman argues Feds quantitative easing isnt working and that discredits liberal New York Times columnists view.

Calmes Confidently Claims GOP Repeal of Obama-Care Would Cost Money

Reporter Jackie Calmes pretends it's a certainty that Obama-care will actually save money: "Republicans also say they will try to deny money to put Mr. Obama's new health care law into effect, ...

Despite GOP Sweep, Liberals Make Tax, Spending Decisions in Lame Duck Session

Mountain of legislation awaits Congress; taxes, unemployment, Medicare and more may be addressed.

CNBC Finally Embraces Santelli's Tea Party Rant

Network runs 'Obama, are you listening' portion in TV spot to promote election night coverage.
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