Calmes Confidently Claims GOP Repeal of Obama-Care Would Cost Money

Reporter Jackie Calmes pretends it's a certainty that Obama-care will actually save money: "Republicans also say they will try to deny money to put Mr. Obama's new health care law into effect, ...

Despite GOP Sweep, Liberals Make Tax, Spending Decisions in Lame Duck Session

Mountain of legislation awaits Congress; taxes, unemployment, Medicare and more may be addressed.

CNBC Finally Embraces Santelli's Tea Party Rant

Network runs 'Obama, are you listening' portion in TV spot to promote election night coverage.

HuffPo Blogger Claims 'Working Class Got Brainwashed'

Myriam Miedzian struggles to understand why many who aren't rich want to maintain Bush tax cuts for upper income earners.

For Once, the No Spin Zone: Times Lead Poll Story Shows Big Gains for GOP

Reporters Jim Rutenberg and Megan Thee-Brenan informed their surely disheartened readership that Democrats are losing among all sorts of groups, even women: "Critical parts of the coalition that ...

As Economy Stumbles, Obama's Economic Team Quits

Three out of the four media favorites have resigned since June.

David Leonhardt Gives Paul Ryan's Conservative Budget Plan Due Respect

The paper's main economics writer (and tax-hike supporter) finds Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan "credible" and credits him for offering specifics. By contrast, Times economics columnist/partisan ...

NY Times Op-Ed Writer's Muddled Logic: Money Not Paid in Taxes a Gift from Government

University of Chicago's Thaler views earned income not paid to the government as 'a present worth $700 billion.'

Fabrication: Newsweek Makes Up Ground Zero Election Day Tea Party Rally

Magazine's contributor erroneously reports former U.N. ambassador John Bolton organizing Tea Party event near World Trade Center site to promote presidential run.

Not Even Conservatives 'Seduced' By Colorado's 'Extreme,' 'Terrifying' Tax Cuts

According to reporter Dan Frosch, tax cuts on the ballot in Colorado are "terrifying," even for conservatives who are usually "seduced" by them: "For politicians and civic groups, even those who ...
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