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Hip Hop Star Slams Abortion at Michelle Obama Event

Singer points to song in saving babies from abortion.
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Midterm Bitter: ‘Raising Hope’ Star Goes Chicken Little on Twitter

Celebrity lib not raising much hope post-election.
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84-Year-Old Woman Visits Strangers at the Hospital ‘Everday’

Hasn’t missed a day in 10 year.
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ISIS Sets Prices for Female Slaves; Media Whine About U.S. ‘War on Women’

Media aren’t too upset about the real ‘war on women.’
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Alternet Freak-out: Bruised, Bloodied by GOP Bully Brigade

Oh the poor victims of electoral politics!
Media Research Center

Angelina Jolie on Marriage: ‘It Feels Nice,’ ‘Different’

It took a glamorous couple, but media actually celebrate traditional marriage.
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Media Praise Lesbian Actress for Bashing ‘Creepy Christians, Conservatives’ in Shouting Match with ‘Homophobic’ Preacher in Viral Video

Preaching is ‘awesome’ when it’s slamming Christians and praising gays.
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TMI from Cosmo: ‘Fifty Shades’ Actress Likes Whipping During Sex

Rita Ora tells Cosmo she likes being whipped.
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Cue Liberal Mocking: Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Saving Sex for Marriage

Star challenges media narrative.

10,000 Pack Arena to Terminally Ill Coed Achieve Her Dream

College basketball player Lauren Hill makes the most of the time she has left.
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