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Notable Quotables - 12/09/1991

Media Research Center

MediaWatch: December 1991

"Civil Rights"; NewsBites: News Fools Tonight; Revolving Door: To Kennedy's Defense; Reporters Can't Resist Lumping Republicans With Nazis; Middle Class Mythology; DoonesBury's Pet Perjurer; ...

Notable Quotables - 11/25/1991

Notable Quotables - 11/11/1991

Media Research Center

MediaWatch: November 1991

Hard and Soft on Clarence Thomas; NewsBites: Please Tax Us; Revolving Door: Adding from Harvard Yard; Nightline and Frontline Caught in Hoax; The Court's Future; Reporter or Campaign Strategist?; ...

The Clarence Thomas Hearings

The Clarence Thomas Hearings: Special Sore Losers Edition

Notable Quotables - 10/28/1991

Notable Quotables - 10/14/1991

Media Research Center

MediaWatch: October 1991

Censoring the Case for "Censorship"; Study Bites; NewsBites: Mad Moldavians; Revolving Door: Advocating Adams; Networks Ignore Two Congressional Embarassments; More Statistical Games; Moyers' Boy ...
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