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Notable Quotables - 09/27/1993

Notable Quotables - 09/13/1993

MediaWatch: September 1993

Networks Promote Government-Directed Systems, Obscure Cost, Quality; NewsBites: Execution Exaggerations; Revolving Door: Democrat to Democrat to...; Newsweek Says Black Families Have Only One ...

Notable Quotables - 08/30/1993

Notable Quotables - 08/16/1993

Notable Quotables - 08/02/1993

MediaWatch August 1993

PBS Documentary Series Routinely Excludes Conservative Experts, Topics; NewsBites: It's His Fault; Revolving Door: deLaski's Defensive Detail; Networks Legitimize NRDC's Press Release Science; Two ...

Notable Quotables - 07/19/1993

Notable Quotables - 07/05/1993

MediaWatch: July 1993

The Most Common Politically Motivated Statistical Exaggerations; NewsBites: Conservative Corporations?; Revolving Door: City Hall Calling; Reporters Insist Budget is Half Tax Hikes, Half Cuts; ...
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