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Believers and Nonbelievers to Hollywood: Stay with Bible or We Stay Home

Poll shows audiences value Biblical, historical accuracy.
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Foul: Anti-Redskins Ad to Run During NBA Finals

Apparently, free PR from lib sports writers isn’t enough.
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Fetch My Smelling Salts! Jessa Duggar Got Her Gun

Liberal tabloid media fabricates outrage amongst fans over ‘controversial’ photo.
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Media Blame Vegas Shootings on Right: ‘Just As Deadly As Homegrown Jihadist Counterparts’

SPLC-citing libs say Conservative media, pols foster violence.
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Obama and Showtime Admit to Exploiting Extreme Weather Events to ‘Shift’ Public Opinion

President laughs as Times’ Friedman looks forward to storm ‘big enough to end the debate.’
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Live Action Video: Planned Parenthood Instructs Minors on ‘Torture Sex’

What do ‘breast clamps’ have to do with family planning?
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85 Percent of Network Coverage of EPA Regulations Ignore Economic Impact

New EPA coal regulations could kill half a million jobs and cost more than $1 trillion, but ABC, CBS and NBC praise them as 'ground-breaking' step for combating climate change.
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ACLU Director Says Movie ‘Makes Abortion Funny’

Washington Post piece claims ‘Obvious Child’ shows abortion as humorous.
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Jackman, Harris Headline Crass Tony Awards Show

Dragging out sex gags and shots at conservatives.
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Media Drive Hype on ‘Abortion Comedy’ as Planned Parenthood, NARAL Host Screenings

‘Obvious Child’ is a hit – with lefty media types.
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