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YouTube Blocks ‘Anti-Mohammed’ Video, Not Taliban Terror Videos

Site limits ‘Innocence of Muslims’ in Islamic countries but allows video of lethal attack on American base.
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YouTube: New Channels Cater to Lefties

From Young Turks to Chopra, liberals hold sway in site’s programs.
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NBC Cheers Michelle Obama on Letterman Then Touts Video Mocking Mitt Romney

In the 7 a.m. et hour of Tuesday's NBC Today, news anchor Natalie Morales fawned over Michelle Obama's appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman: "She...talked about her late-night ...
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YouTube? More Like LibTube

New channels sprinkled with outlandish liberal voices, devoid of conservative views.

CBS Proclaims Obama on YouTube is 'His Version of the Fireside Chat'

At the top of Friday's CBS Early Show, co-host Chris Wragge cheered President Obama's recent Q & A on YouTube: "Obama opens up. The President answers YouTube questions on everything from the ...

YouTube Removes Some Al Qaeda Videos from Website

But thousands of radical sermons still remain public on YouTube.

YouTube Jihad: American Terror Imam Reaching Muslim Youth Online

Sermons calling for jihad can be found on social networking sites.

Couric Includes George Allen 'Macaca Moment' in Top Five Moments of 'Citizen Journalism' on YouTube

In a video celebrating the five-year anniversary of YouTube, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric listed what she thought were the top five examples of "citizen journalism" on the video sharing ...

YouTube Gives Gore an Earthday Megaphone

Google site helps former VP spread warming propaganda.

The Shameless Abortion Carnival

The media were fascinated by a woman discussing her chemical abortion - as it happened - on Twitter and YouTube. But it wasn't worthy of debate, just praise.
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