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Rosenthal on Santorum: He Thrived on 'Fear and Xenophobia and Intolerance'

Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal pays tribute to former Republican candidate Rick Santorum: "Mr. Santorum showed that he could appeal to the far right, and the way far right, and the ...

A Candidate's Lonely Iraq Crusade Finally Vindicated...Obama's?

Bizarre: "Senator John McCain's rival, Senator Barack Obama, once was a lonely voice demanding the withdrawal of all combat forces by mid-2010. But now, Iraq's leaders are pushing a timetable that ...

Bye Bye, "Populist" John Edwards

From beginning to end, the Times couldn't find any liberal ideology in John Edwards' "populist" campaign against big business and for universal health care.

Times Still Piling on With Hometown Insults of Giuliani

James Barron talks to street-smart New Yorkers: "Some expressed relief - others, delight - that Mr. Giuliani's campaign had imploded so rapidly."

A Tale of Two Withdrawals: Respecting Edwards, But Giuliani "Living an Illusion"

Compare these lead sentences: "John Edwards, the progressive Democratic candidate who made a populist, anti-poverty message the centerpiece of his campaign, has decided to drop out of the ...
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