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CKE Restaurants CEO Says Media Unfairly Attacked Gov. Walker’s Job Policies

Wisconsin under Walker has done ‘better than probably any state,’ Andrew Puzder tells CNBC.
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CBS’s Whitaker: Fla., Wisc. Governor’s Races Represent ‘Referendum’ on GOP ‘Playbook’

On Monday’s CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker opined during a roundtable discussion that Tuesday’s governor’s elections in Florida and Wisconsin featuring ...
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CBS Wonders If a Scott Walker Loss Will ‘Send a Message’ Nationwide About His ‘Policies and Politics’?

With the midterm elections one week away from Tuesday, the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley profiled the race in Wisconsin for governor as incumbent Governor and Republican Scott Walker faces ...
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ABC’s GMA Decries ‘Restrictive’ Voter I.D. Laws Struck Down in Texas and Wisconsin

On Friday morning, ABC’s Good Morning America aired a news brief that described state voter identification laws struck down in Texas and Wisconsin as “restrictive” and passed on the opinion of the ...
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Seriously? New York Times Calls Wisconsin a 'Republican Haven'

New York Times reporter Monica Davey on Thursday was in Wisconsin playing up the Democratic candidate's Rep. Tammy Baldwin chances in her race for an open Senate seat against Republican Tommy ...
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NYT's Harwood Leans on Discredited Exit Poll to Paint Brighter Picture for Obama in Wisconsin

Times reporter John Harwood sees a bright spot for Obama in Wisconsin even in the aftermath of Republican Gov. Scott Walker's big win: "But among those voting, exit polls showed, Mr. Obama was ...
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Walker Win "Not an Easy Night" for Left-Wing Hacks

Sadness broke out at MSNBC as Scott Walker put down a union-led effort to eject him from office, with host Ed Schultz wailing that "this is not going to be an easy night for many broadcasters who ...
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NYTimes' Myopic Take on Wisconsin: All About 'Stunning Amount' Spent by 'Corporate Interests and Billionaires'

The New York Times predictably emphasizes the "stunning amount" of money spent during Scott Walker's successful defense of his governor's seat in Wisconsin (an expensive election held solely ...
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MSNBC's Schultz Lectures Union Members Who Voted for Walker

On Wednesday's The Ed Show, MSNBC host Ed Schultz took a condescending tone toward labor union members who voted for Governor Scott Walker in Tuesday's recall election in Wisconsin as he recounted ...
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Miley Cyrus, Miss USA Get More Time Than Wisconsin Recall on Big Three

The Big Three networks certainly have their priorities straight. ABC, CBS, and NBC's morning shows on Wednesday dedicated more time to entertainment news than the results of the Wisconsin recall ...
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