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NBC Gives Platform to Professor Who Called Iowans 'Meth Addicts' and 'Elderly Waiting to Die'

Following correspondent Andrea Mitchell referring to Iowa as "Too white, too evangelical, too rural" on Sunday's NBC Nightly News, on Monday's Rock Center, correspondent Willie Geist spoke to ...

Sneering MSNBC Slams GOP Candidates as 'American Freak Show'

Sometimes the bias is extremely clear: A MSNBC graphic on Monday mocked GOP senatorial candidates with the headline, "American Freakshow [sic] Angle, Paul, O'Donnell: New Faces in Politics." ...

Today Show to Unemployed: Maybe You Should 'Just Get Used' to This 'New Normal'

NBC's Willie Geist, substitute hosting for Matt Lauer on Friday's Today show, invited on CNBC's Maria Bartiromo to talk about the new jobs report and the two had a startling message for those in ...

MSNBC's Schultz Draws Bizarre Connection Between Oil Spill and Campaign Finance Reform

Not letting a good crisis go to waste, MSNBC's left-wing rabble-rouser Ed Schultz insisted on the June 1 edition of Morning Joe that the BP oil spill reinforces the need for new legislation to ...

ABC and MSNBC Respect Medical Miracles and the Power of Prayer

Two networks, two stories, one common theme.
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