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NYT Public Editor Says Paper Playing Down Benghazi; Dismissive Hearing Coverage Vindicates Her Concern

The New York Times' public editor criticizes her paper's Benghazi coverage: "...my sense is that, starting last fall, The Times has had a tendency to both play down the subject, which has ...
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Ted Cruz Has All the Right Enemies

Few people try to paint Sen. Ted Cruz as a lightweight -- except the lightweights.
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After Dismissing Benghazi as 'Fox News's Super-Story,' Wash Post's Ignatius Begrudgingly Admits It's a 'Serious Story'

Appearing on NBC's Chris Matthews Show on Sunday, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius initially dismissed the Benghazi terrorist attack as being "Fox News's super-story," with left-wing ...
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WaPo Sports Columnist Rails at ‘Heterosexual Religious Zealots’

Not celebrating Jason Collins’ sexuality? You’re a bigot.

Whose 'Embarrassment' Is Secret Taping of Sen. McConnell? NYT Says It's His, WP Says Left-Wing PAC

New York Times reporter Trip Gabriel finds a possibly illegal recording by a left-wing PAC of Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell "embarrassing" for the senator, and suggested McConnell and ...
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New York Times Maintains Blackout on Philadelphia Abortionist Gosnell's Trial on Infanticide

The New York Times has almost ignored the trial of of Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist accused of mass infanticide, even as conservatives have shamed other media outlets into playing ...
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NYT Neuters Obama's Cutie Comments on Kamala Harris, But WashPost Suggests 'White House Boy's Club'

President Obama causes ruffles on a fundraising jaunt in San Francisco when he said that state Attorney General Kamala Harris was "by far the best-looking attorney general in the country." The ...
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Washington Post Thinks School Vouchers are a ‘Bad Idea’

WaPo blogger fails to consider that parents may know better than Washington bureaucrats.
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Washington Post Despairs Parents of Toddlers Forced to Choose Between Food and....Tattoos

A lengthy – 3,500 word – anguished expose on the front page of Sunday’s Washington Post, “Hungering for a new month to begin,” about how people in Woonsocket, Rhode Island race to the grocery ...
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Mourning 'Populist' Hugo Chavez

To our left-wing media, at death, Chile's right-wing despot Pinochet “cheated the hangman,” while left-wing despot Hugo Chavez resembled Jesus Christ.
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