Hollywood's Shocking Truth

Celebrities Boost Their Fame through Shock Factor

Royal Disaster: Networks Obsess Over Wedding, Barely Mention Mexico Drug Violence

Fawning coverage of British nuptials outpaces reporting of Mexican drug war victims.

Speak No Evil: Networks Obscure Deadly Extremism of Muslim Brotherhood

Contradictory reports hide substance of powerful Egyptian Islamist group.

Networks See Unconstitutional Ruling as 'Setback,' Not 'Victory for Liberty'

Evening and morning shows see 'roadblock' for White House, not freedom for citizens, in federal judge's decision insurance mandate is unconstitutional.

They Say They Really Do Want a Revolution

MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan, guest talk about violent overthrow of government. Is anybody listening?

Once Again, 'Many Peaceful' = 'Some Violent' When It Comes to Leftist Protesters

Shops are vandalized and police cars torched in Toronto, but reporter Ian Austen defends the overall peacefulness of the left-wing mob over the headline "Police in Toronto Criticized for Treatment ...

Matthews Perverts Tea Party Movement: Participants View Federal Government as British Occupiers

In preview of his upcoming 'New Right' special, 'Hardball' host ignores movement's fiscal discipline aspect, plays up imaginary violence.

CBS's Schieffer Grills GOP Pols on Violence; Asks DNC Chair About 'Safety' of Dems

Host Bob Schieffer led Sunday's Face the Nation by fretting over opposition to the passage of ObamaCare: "What about the violence in the wake of the congressional action? Isolated incidents or ...

The Media's Public Enemy No. 1: Critics of ObamaCare (Video Compilation)

Since the passage of ObamaCare on March 21, the liberal media have been working hard to crack down on dissidents, painting the tea party movement, talk radio, and Republicans as dangerous radicals ...
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