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More Pro-Gay Pop-Aganda: Actress sings song 'I Wish I Was Gay'

Music's latest gay-themed anthem part of a growing trend.

Amanpour, Agreeable with Pelosi, Pushes Boehner Repeatedly from Left to Raise Taxes

ABC's Christiane Amanpour, on Sunday's This Week, hit House Speaker John Boehner repeatedly from the left to raise taxes, a hostile, political agenda-driven approach she failed to apply a month ...

Sour Schieffer Scolds Cain for Ad: 'It's Not Funny to Me...I Don't Think It Serves the Country Well'

CBS's Bob Schieffer unintentionally played the foil to Herman Cain on Sunday's Face the Nation as Schieffer expressed his politically-correct displeasure with Cain's "downright bizarre" Web video, ...

Occupy San Diego's Own Lefty Media to Police: You're a F***ing Joke!

Occupiers claim they are 'press,' and bully, threaten and intimidate police.

Gregory Contends 'Awkward' Moments at Debates 'Challenge Notion' GOP is 'Party of Life'

Meet the Press host David Gregory contented the fact a GOP presidential debate audience applauded Rick Perry for allowing the death penalty, and three in an audience of hundreds shouted "yeah" to ...

NBC Debate Moderators Pepper Republicans with Questions from the Left

NBC's Brian Williams and Politico's John Harris peppered the NBC News/Politico debate inside the Air Force One pavilion at the Reagan Library with questions from the left, repeatedly pressing the ...

Wallace Shows Cheney the Today Show's 'Investigate Cheney' Protest Sign

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace displayed to former Vice President Dick Cheney how NBC's Today show on Tuesday had ended Matt Lauer's interview with him by pulling back to highlight an Amnesty ...

In Midst of Obamamania Media Journalists Fret Obama Victim of the 'Worst PR Machine in History'

President Barack Obama continues to benefit from a fawning media of which past Presidents could only dream, yet on Sunday's This Week two journalists fretted he's not getting enough credit for his ...

'Yay for Gay' iPad Kids' Book 'Teaches Open-mindedness'

Childrens book allows toddler to shake iPad, change gender and sexual orientation of parents.

Hollywood Celebrities Perform Fake PSA Encouraging Casual Sex Facebook Status

"Friends with Benefits" movie stars petition Facebook to adopt film title as legitimate relationship status
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