CBS Doesn't Mention Obama as Unemployment Hits 26-Year High

Unemployment in June hit 9.5%, the highest since 1983, as 467,000 jobs were lost, yet the CBS Evening News didn't mention President Obama or his "stimulus" while NBC only touched Obama's policies ...

Is Obama Getting a Pass on the Bad Economy?

Double standard? Today's 9.4% unemployment rate "fueled hopes" that the economy was recovering, but 4.6% unemployment rates during the Bush administration were characterized as "job growth slowing ...

Obama, Media Likely Wrong on 2009 Job Figures ... By May

Finding the 'glass half full,' nets and newspapers find good news about job loss, ignore failure of stimulus to halt rising unemployment.

NBC Argues for Relaxed Immigration Laws Despite High Unemployment

Tom Brokaw visits Maryland crab picking house, claims only solution to labor shortage is loosening visa rules.

The Trap Door Beneath His Throne

The legions of unemployed peasants will someday bring down our imperial president.

CNN: Ladies Nag Obama about Lack of Women's Jobs

Kyra Phillips of 'Newsroom' and Christine Romans discuss 'discouraging' lack of women in Obama's cabinet, job package that 'favors' men.

Unemployment Nearly as Bad as During Clinton

Media selectively spin downturn into foundation for new, New Deal.

Journalists Credit Obama for Stock Gains, Ignore Losses

News media apply double standard to president-elect's influence on market fluctuations.

Higher Taxes Promote Eating the Rich

Former vice president is one of many who don't get that tax hikes hurt workers.

Former Citigroup CEO: Unemployment Will Hit 9 Percent

Sanford Weill predicts 'biggest drop' in GDP; CBS Host doesn't mention ties to private equity fund.
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