CBS's Schieffer: Obama Facing Most Challenges Since WWII

On Friday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith asked Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer about all the problems facing President Obama: "it was Afghanistan, now it's jobs...healthcare....Do you ...

Couric Heralds Obama's 'Historic Week in an Already Historic Year'

Serving as a stenographer to Obama operatives trying to magnify the import of the President's schedule, Katie Couric trumpeted: "White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel says this will be an ...

CBS Catches Up with Conservatives and Realizes Obama Has 'Credibility' Problem

Long after conservatives and the American people figured it out, CBS on Monday night came to the realization President Barack Obama has a "credibility" problem fueled by the "disconnect" between ...

16 Percent Unemployment or Worse, On Its Way

Think things are bad now? Wait until the government has its way with health care.

Unemployment Surges to 10.2 Percent, CNN Asks About Need for Second Stimulus

'American Morning' shares latest job numbers, inquires about stimulus 2.0 and refuses to point out failure of initial stimulus.

Networks Barely Report 'Stealth' Push for 'Second Stimulus'

Stories mostly ignore failure of Obama's $787 billion stimulus to halt rising unemployment, continue to give credit for saving or creating jobs.

Networks Flip Flop on Jobs

Identical Unemployment Numbers Good News for Obama, But All Bad under Reagan.

Networks Flip Flop on Jobs: Executive Summary

Identical Unemployment Numbers Good News for Obama, But All Bad under Reagan.

White House Pushes Economic 'Recovery,' Media Spin Jobs Reports

Journalists emphasize 'glimmers of hope' for the economy as unemployment rises to a 26-year-high.

CNBC 'Skeptical' of White House Claim about Labor Report

Unemployment in July dropped to 9.4 percent, CBNC discusses 'conspiracy theory' regarding president's knowledge of jobs numbers.
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