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CNN Features Guest Who Charges 'Regressive White Right' Has 'Declared War' on Progress

CNN's Don Lemon tossed softballs at leftist writer Tim Wise on Sunday's Newsroom, mostly reading back excerpts from his latest column, which the anchor labeled a "withering rebuke of...the 'white ...

CNN Convicts Palin and Tea Partiers of 'Inciting Violence' and Stoking Racism

CNN put "INCITING VIOLENCE?" on screen under video of Sarah Palin as anchor Don Lemon announced: "Sarah Palin takes on one of the highest ranking Democrats right in his own backyard, all while ...

CNN's Lemon Praises Maher for Raising Anti-Obama Racism: 'Finally Someone's Talking About This'

Bill Maher is setting the news agenda for CNN. Literally. CNN anchor Don Lemon rued "town hallers yelling at lawmakers" and those "refusing to let kids hear the commander in chief. And on and on ...
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