Timothy Egan Calls Tea Party a 'Constitutional Wrecking Crew'

That's before the former reporter lights into the Republican Party and then the majority of Americans who support the new Arizona immigration law: "Poll-testing the Bill of Rights in a troubled ...

Egan to 'Grumpy...Cranky...Bitter' Tea Party Movement: Just Die Already

"...a week ago Senator John McCain threatened a filibuster to keep gay men and lesbians from being able to openly serve their country in uniform. He is a man of his age. Can we just press the ...

'Crackpot' Republicans Behind 'Lunatic Magnet' Arizona's 'Crackpot' Immigration Law

Former New York Times reporter Timothy Egan is not a fan of the new illegal immigration crackdown in Arizona: "The crackpot laws owe their genesis to the crackpots who dominate Republican ...

'Crackpot' Republicans Behind 'Lunatic Magnet' Arizona's 'Crackpot' Immigration Law

Former Times reporter Timothy Egan: "The crackpot laws owe their genesis to the crackpots who dominate Republican politics, who in turn cannot get elected without the backing of crackpot media."

Timothy Egan: Not a Single Liberal on the 'Extreme' Supreme Court? Really?

Former reporter Egan takes on the "extreme" Supremes: "This court, activist conservative in the extreme, has never met a corporation it has not coddled, nor a prosecution argument that does not ...

Timothy Egan Goes to Olympics, Praises Canadian Care, Smears 'Heartless' Health Insurers

Former liberal reporter turned NYT blogger Timothy Egan blogs praise on Canada's health care system and smears U.S. health insurers: "They have universal health care, and while the system prompts ...

Timothy Egan Attacks Bush's Christian Supporters as "Ned Flanders Nation"

Liberal Times reporter turned blogger Timothy Egan describes Bush and his supporters in hostile terms and laments "race-baiters in the Republican party."

Timothy Egan: Middle Class Too Easily "Distracted" To Know Own Best Interests

Former Times reporter Timothy Egan is vexed that many middle-class Americans are heeding "the brat's cry of Joe Wilson" and succumbing to "generalized rage" stoked by "well-funded Astroturf outfits."

Conservative Idaho "Hotbed of Hate-Filled Rubes, Gun-Toting Racists"?

Timothy Egan on Idaho Republicans: "For years, Idaho officials have been trying to convince businesses that their state is not a hotbed of hate-filled rubes, gun-toting racists and assorted nut ...

Former NYT Reporter Cheers Hurricane Katrina Book as 'Powerful Indictment' of U.S. Under Bush

Times blogger and former NYT reporter Timothy Egan applauds a new Hurricane Katrina book as a "powerful indictment of America's dystopia in the Bush era."
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