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Timothy Egan

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Mika Brzezinski Rejects Financial Journalist’s Explanation of Wages

While bashing Walmart, MSNBC host asks for response from CNBC’s Brian Sullivan, scoffs at his answer.
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Former New York Times Reporter Egan Mocks GOP's 'Crazy Caucus' in Congress

Former Times reporter Timothy Egan attacked Republican House member Louie Gohmert, "who has said so many crazy things that this assertion passed with little comment." He's also a paid-up member of ...
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Former New York Times Reporter Egan Riles the 'Broadcast Bullies' of the Right Once Again

After bashing the Drudge Report (shocking) Egan, a former reporter for the Times, went through his list of 'fringe,' 'broadcast bullies' on the right: "Over the last year, Limbaugh has lost ...
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Timothy Egan, Former NYT Reporter, Takes on 'Wacko' GOP Congress, 'Tea Party Extremists'

Former Times reporter Timothy Egan: "A new Congress, sworn in Thursday, will be less crazy than the old one by only a few degrees of wacko. Gone, at least, are a deadbeat dad and a longtime ...
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NYT's Egan Sees 'Smothering' of Gun-Control Debate, Says Limbaugh and Malkin Are Like Salt to a Slug

Huh? Timothy Egan writes "Conservatives complain about anti-free-speech vigilantes who keep incendiary voices of the right from being heard on college campuses, and they have a valid point. ...
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NYT's Egan Calls Romney 'Toff' With '1956' Mentality, Spreads Phony Tale of Ryan Washing Clean Dishes

Former Times reporter Timothy Egan: "It’s clear now that the Romney of Denver was no more real than Paul Ryan pretending to wash those already clean dishes for a photo op in a soup kitchen." ...
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Classy Egan: 'If Intelligence were Contagious, [the GOP] Would Be Giving Out Vaccines For It'

Liberal reporter turned left-wing Times columnist Timothy Egan brings his usual measured response to matters of the day in his latest column "The Crackpot Caucus," laying into the "stupid party" ...
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Egan's Peculiar Omission in Bashing Romney as 'Olympic Caliber' Flip-Flopper: Mitt's 2002 Olympics

Former New York Times reporter Timothy Egan mocks Romney's ancestors for polygamy (though President Obama's family tree is similarly encumbered) and mocks Romney as an "Olympian" flip-flopper ...
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NYT's Timothy Egan: 'People Who Like Sex...Believe in Science' Won't Vote for Romney

Reporter turned columnist Timothy Egan: "But Romney has a longer list of people who may be disinclined to vote for him. Latinos. Gays. Gay soldiers. People who were bullied as kids. Dog ...
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The Horror: NYT's Timothy Egan Forced to Watch Fox News

Former reporter Timothy Egan takes one for the liberal team: "Trapped with a Fox News big screen in my stable of fellow trotters at the gym a few weeks ago, I took in the worldview that may ...
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