CNN and Time Promote Accusation That 'Bigotry' is Driving Mosque Debate

CNN's American Morning and Newsroom programs on Thursday brought on Time magazine's Bobby Ghosh to highlight his "Is America Islamophobic?" article and help promote his accusation that "hate ...

Newsweek, Time Praise 'Moderate' Imam Behind Mosque Despite Questionable Ties

Media still ignore legitimate concerns over Islamic building plans near Ground Zero.

Time Blames GOP Filibuster for Cap-and-Trade's Death

Eulogizing emissions bill, Ecocentric blogger Walsh blames 'abused,' not excess costs or expert dissent.

Time vs Politico: Halperin Rebukes VandeHei for Characterizing GOP Group as 'Shadowy'

On the June 21 "Morning Joe," Time magazine's Mark Halperin challenged VandeHei's characterization of American Crossroads GPS, a Republican political organization that finances issue ads designed ...

Time Says Oil Spill is Everyone's Fault but Big Government

Bryan Walsh blames spill on public's love of cheap gas and distrust of government regulation.

Time Places 'Moron' NewsBusters on 'Least Influential' List

Time magazine's website on Thursday named me [MRC news analyst Matthew Balan] to their tongue-in-cheek "Least Influential People of 2010" list, ranking me with other notables such as Russian ...

Time Hails the Pill While Ignoring Negative Impact

Reporter Nancy Gibbs claims it did not cause 'the liberalization of attitudes' toward sexuality.

Twenty Years of Advocacy, Not Journalism, on Global Warming

Even After ClimateGate Scandal, Reporters Have Pushed a One-Sided "Sky Is Falling" Mantra on Climate Change

Flashback: Media Blamed and Condemned Conservatives After Oklahoma City Bombing

The "Special Purveyors of Hate & Division Issue" published in 1995 of the MRC's Notable Quotables newsletter featured a gem from Bryant Gumbel: "The bombing in Oklahoma City has focused ...
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