CBS: Health Care Debate 'Gets Ugly,' GOP Using 'Violent Rhetoric and Imagery'

At the top of Thursday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez proclaimed: "The health care debate gets ugly as Democrats who voted for reform report violence and death threats." In a report ...

Dear CBS Radio: It Isn't Voluntary When Threats are Involved

Dept. of Agriculture country-of-origin labeling wouldn't actually be a choice.

NBC Repeats CBS Piece Challenging U.S. Version of Strait of Hormuz Incident

Are the networks so hard up for good America-bashing stories that they have to recycle something a rival ran five days before?

Americas Big Dam Problem

Networks Ignore Eco-campaign to Save the Salmon and Turn Out the Lights

Hugo The Boss

Media criticize greed of energy executives, but go easy on Venezuelas oil strongman
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