Times Watches ABC Talk Show "The View," Finds Liberal Slant

The paper reverses its previous opinion that the show was "generally friendly territory for politicians." Plus: Barbara Walters claims "I don't think anyone knows my political opinions." Really now?

NYT Bluntly Calls McCain Accusations Against Obama "False"

No journalistic niceties need be applied when defending Barack Obama. And do Times reporters actually watch "The View"?

Stanley Says ERA Failure Reduced GOP Spouses to Passive Housewives

What? "...as the Equal Rights Amendment faded as a cause and conservatism made a comeback, Republican spouses became ever more careful to stay three steps behind their men and the times."

Leaving Out Rosie O'Donnell's Inane 9-11 Conspiracy Theories

The Times doesn't deliver the full Rosie: "Don't fear the terrorists. They're mothers and fathers."
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