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Finally: 56 Days Later, ABC Ends Blackout and Covers Gosnell 'House of Horrors'

Fifty six days after the grisly trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell began, ABC broke its self-imposed blackout, finally offering coverage. World News anchor Diane Sawyer belatedly told viewers ...
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On Twitter, Terry Moran Warns of 'Serial Killer' Gosnell, But Covered 'Hot Moms' on His Show

Journalists have been almost entirely silent on the gruesome trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. The networks have ignored the story. Into this vacuum came Terry Moran, the anchor of ABC's ...
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Terry Moran Lashes Out at 'Paranoid,' 'Orwellian' Fears of Gun Owners

Nightline co-anchor Terry Moran on Sunday lashed out at the "paranoid," Orwellian theories of gun owners who fear what Barack Obama will do to the Second Amendment. Moran appeared with Republican ...
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ABC Hypes 'Electrifying' 'Fighter' Who Is Taking a 'Stand for Marriage Equality'

On Wednesday and Thursday, the journalists at ABC continued to treat the gay marriage issue as though there was only one acceptable side. Diane Sawyer and Terry Moran framed the case before the ...
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ABC on Gay Marriage: '21st Century Social Movement' Vs. Old, 'Downright Perplexed' Justices

ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday again offered the most biased coverage on the gay marriage case before the Supreme Court. All three network morning shows skipped specific mention of the ...
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Picking Sides: ABC Offers a Slanted Take on 'Historic Hearing on Marriage Equality'

The reporters of ABC's Good Morning America on Tuesday offered a one-sided take on the Supreme Court's "historic hearing on marriage equality." The morning show featured four voices in support of ...
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ABC Touts 'Staunch Traditionalist' Pope Francis; CBS Highlights Persecution of Chinese Catholics

On Thursday's World News, ABC News correspondent Terry Moran acted like it was a big surprise that newly-elected Pope Francis stands by the Catholic Church's teachings on sexuality: "Now, as the ...
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ABC: New Pope Can Help Catholics 'Revive' Mission to Help the Poor

During live coverage, Wednesday, of the announcement that Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio had been chosen the new pope, two of ABC's journalists insisted that the Argentinian would help "revive" the ...
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ABC's Moran Delights Over the 'President With a Purpose' and His 'History-Making Call to Action'

Nightline co-anchor Terry Moran on Tuesday could barely contain his excitement on Inauguration Day, extolling the "President with a purpose" and his "history-making call to action." Moran, who has ...
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ABC Uses Video of Hateful Westboro Baptist Church as Example of Same-Sex Marriage Opponents

Apparently, opponents of gay marriage all look the same to ABC. As reporter Terry Moran on Friday highlighted the news that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear two cases on the issue of same sex ...
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