The Times Continues to Evade Issue of Killer Hasan's Muslim Extremism

Two more articles evade the issue of Malik Hasan's religious extremism and support for suicide bombers, in favor of psychobabble about maintaining diversity and the "strain of working with ...

CBS's Schieffer on Ft. Hood Shooting: There Are 'Christian Nuts' Too

On Sunday's Face the Nation on CBS, host Bob Schieffer tried to provide some perspective on the Fort Hood shooting, committed by an Islamic extremist: "It's looking more and more like he was just, ...

Fort Hood Massacre Reveals Paper's Politically Correct Priorities

In its coverage of the Fort Hood massacre, the Times revealed its politically correct priorities: What do the killings mean for Obama's agenda and "the tensions Muslims can feel"? "The shootings ...

NBC Analyst Unsure Ft. Hood Shooting Was Terrorism

Appearing on the Dr. Nancy program on MSNBC Friday, NBC News terrorism analyst Roger Cressy warned against labeling the mass shooting at Ft. Hood as terrorism, despite the apparent radical views ...

Example of Israeli 'Force' Over Palestinians: Checkpoints To Combat Terrorism?

Does Jerusalem Bureau Chief Ethan Bronner really think the success of checkpoints designed to stop Palestinian terrorists "is a dark truth" and an example of "force" over diplomacy?

Roger Cohen to Israel: "What Is the Problem" in Talking to Terrorist Group Hamas?

Talking to Charlie Rose, Times columnist Roger Cohen again downplayed Israel's security fears, urged them to talk to the anti-Israeli terrorist group Hamas, and insisted the U.S. pursue engagement ...
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Exhibit 1-17: The News Media and the War, 2005

As part of a larger study of how the views of "opinion leaders" compare with those of the general public, the Pew Research Center for The People and The Press, in collaboration with the Council on ...

NYT's Treatment of Muslim Cartoons Remains Hostile, Hypocritical

James Barron looks with suspicion at the group hosting a Danish cartoonist whose life was threatened for a caricature mocking Muhammad: "People who have been at odds with Muslims."

Frank Rich Unleashes His Inner Ashcroft

In the era of Barack Obama, dramatic liberal columnist Frank Rich is suddenly gung-ho about fighting terror.

CNBC: Released Lockerbie Bomber's 'Welcome Back' Could Have Implications for U.S. Business

'Street Signs' host Erin Burnett warns tenuous United States-Libya relations could be threatened, putting American investments in jeopardy.
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